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After 30 years of teaching the Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Workshops, I have great pleasure...


After 30 years of teaching the Australian Bush Flower Essences’ Workshops, I have great pleasure in now being able to offer you our Correspondence Course. I am incredibly excited and proud about this course, it is brilliantly written and designed by our teaching staff. I know you will receive tremendous benefits from it. It explores the Bush Essences at an extraordinary depth with material that has never been presented before in any of our workshops.

Correspondence Course Learning Materials:

The books you will require to complete this natural health course are: Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bush Flower Healing. These books do not come as part of the course, therefore we advise if you do not presently have these you might like to consider adding these to your order.

You will receive:
  • Correspondence course folder containing 10 modules
  • Each module contains personal and case history exercises
  • 2 x 30ml Australian Bush Flower Essence combination essences - Australia only
  • 3 hours of contact by phone or email including module assessment with comprehensive feedback
  • A comprehensive information pack

Correspondence Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Study the Bush Essences in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Achieve competency in understanding, experiencing, diagnosing, and treating with the Australian Bush Flower Essences
  • Equally beneficial to anyone whether they have or have not attended a Bush Essences Workshop before
  • 10 modules with regular ongoing assessment, assignments, and direct contact with your own personal Bush Essence tutor
  • Understand how the Bush Essences work on the chakras and the subtle energy bodies and what illnesses occur as a result of imbalances in the specific chakras
  • Provides you with cutting-edge information on Vibrational and Energetic Medicine
  • All 66 Essences and the 3 Companion Essences are covered
  • Know the Australian Bush Flower Essences, not only intellectually, but also experientially
  • Latest updates on all the Australian Bush Flower Essences and products
  • Learn how to prepare an Essence
  • You will be taught techniques for enhancing and facilitating your intuition
  • You will be given practice case studies to diagnose and prescribe for
  • For Australian orders only, a 10% discount on one order made within 12 months of date of Correspondence Course purchase
  • At the end of the course, we believe you will be both confident and competent in knowing and being able to prescribe the Bush Essences, whether for personal or professional application
  • This is a minimum 60-hour course plus study time.

Continuing Practitioner Education:

This course accrues the following points with these nationally recognised professional practitioner bodies:
  • ANTA (Australia) 50 points
  • ATMS (Australia) 20 points
  • NCBTMB (USA) 50 CE’s
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Our correspondence courses have been developed by our team of expert Educatorswith decades of combined knowledge and experience. Whether you're looking for natural therapy courses for your personal or professional life, our correspondence courses are a great place to start your healing journey. Explore our correspondence courses and harness the potential of Bush Essences now.

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Correspondence Course Correspondence Course

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