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Ian's September 2021 Newsletter

September 14, 2021
I thought it very timely to focus on the Combination Remedies this newsletter
Ian's September 2021 Newsletter
I thought it very timely to focus on the Combination Remedies this newsletter, covering everything I feel you need to know to use them most effectively. I’ve also included some little-known facts about them which I hope you will find interesting.

Most importantly, the Combination Remedies are all in dosage strength, which means they are ready-to-go and are taken directly from the bottle, you don’t have to dilute them. In fact, you should definitely not dilute them (i.e. taking 7 drops of a Combination Remedy and putting it in to another bottle of brandy and water) as you won’t get a good result.

Usually, we only suggest you taking one remedy at a time, for example you wouldn’t be taking Relationship Essence on rising and retiring for a 2 week period and also at the same time be taking Abund Essence, but at different times on the same days. In this situation decide what is the more important of the two remedies to take first and take that one for 2 weeks then start the second one.

The recommended dose is 7 drops on rising and retiring and generally I would suggest taking the remedy for at least 2 weeks.

Some of the remedies, however, can be used for shorter periods of time and even as a one-off dose. If you were studying, doing a project, writing something etc and you were having trouble focussing or feeling overwhelmed you could take a one-off dose of Focus Essence. If you were going to be outdoors on a hot day – at the beach, boating, picnicking for example, you could take a dose of Solaris either before leaving home or when you arrived at your destination. Emergency Essence, if you were experiencing an emotional upset, is another remedy that can be taken as needed. In these three examples I’ve just mentioned you could still be taking these remedies as a one-off even if you were taking another Combination Remedy e.g. Confid Essence for a 2 week period.

I officially launched the Australian Bush Flower Essences in 1986, after a great deal of time researching and trialling them. In those early years I never combined the remedies together in the same bottle, I only ever gave them singly – probably due to my homoeopathic background! This all changed when one of my patients arrived at my home extremely distraught having earlier that day watched his wife, 8 months pregnant with their first child, involved in a very bad car accident in front of their house. Another car, speeding along the wrong side of the road, collided with her vehicle. He told me that she was at the hospital in a bad way and had lost the baby. He went on to say that he had just had an incredibly strong sense that I would be able to do something to be of help to them. As he was telling me this an intuitive voice within me told me to mix a number of the Bush Essences together and this became the very first Bush Essence Combination Remedy. In case you hadn’t guessed it was the Emergency Essence, which has always been our most popular Combination Remedy.

In mid 1990 we launched a retail range of four unique Combination Remedies into health-food shops and back then they were in 25ml size bottles. As well as the Emergency Essence we had Focus, Confid and Dynamis. Back all those years ago there was no TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) which is a Federal department and regulations regarding our Combination Remedies fell under the auspices of the NSW Health Department. The latter knocked back our original proposed names for two new Combinations which I wanted to call ‘Super Learning Essence’ and ‘Energy Essence’. Consequently, I renamed them Cognis (now Focus) and Dynamis respectively, names that didn’t mean anything but hinted at what they addressed.

Travel and Solaris Remedies were added to the range in March 1992. Two years later Meditation, Relationship, Sexuality and Transition Remedies were included in the range.

Over the years in the newsletter from time to time we have run quizzes. One of the greatest responses to any of these was just prior to the release of what became our Transition Essence. Up until then I had only been using it in my clinic with patients with terminal illness and it was referred to by my receptionist and myself as ‘Exit Essence’ – hardly the appropriate or sensitive commercial name for a Remedy! Transition was the winning suggestion and it was duly renamed to that.

At the end of 1996 Adol, Abund and Femin Essence came in to being. The latter was changed to Woman Essence in 2003. Coming up to the end of the millennium three new remedies, Detox, Radiation and Heartsong were added in March 1999. My friend Chris James was going to be running a 3 week singing and toning workshop in Australia and wanted me to make an Essence to be given to all the enrolled participants for this event. Chris wanted a remedy to help people open their mouth wide; be able to access and express their emotions through their voice, yet stay balanced; be in touch with their intuition; enhance the tone, timbre and melody of their voice and also to be able to tap into their creativity. The resulting Remedy was Heartsong. By 2001 these three remedies had been renamed to Purifying, Electro and Creative respectively.

In 2001 not only was there a revision of the names of the Remedies but they were reassessed with a view to seeing if they could be enhanced – and eleven of them were. Five Corners, for example, was added to Heartsong as I felt that anyone who is performing or speaking in public could do with a ‘little shot of extra confidence’. Boronia was added to the Meditation Essence to assist non-visual people – the auditory and kinaesthetic ones amongst us – to hold an image more clearly and with greater focus during guided meditations or creative visualisations. Both Red Helmet Orchid and Bottlebrush respectively were added to Relationship to address father and mother issues. Angelsword was added to the Emergency Essence to enhance its psychic protection qualities, while Jacaranda was added to the Cognis Essence.

Sometimes Essences were removed - for example Wild Potato Bush was taken out of the Dynamis Essence. Though mostly Essences were added to the Remedies, not surprising really as there had been a number of new single Bush Essences that had been created after a Combination Remedy had already been formulated and which were very pertinent to it. The challenge was to try and keep the Remedies to under seven Bush Essences though with some of the Combination Remedies there was such a good argument for the inclusion of an Essence that I went up to eight, for example Woman Essence. The real anomaly is the Travel Essence which has14 Essences in it, though human bodies weren’t really designed to be hurtling through space, 35,000 feet above the ground, at high speeds in pressurised cabins!

Combination Remedies are our most popular category of products and always just pipping single essence sales. We sell far more of the Remedies outside of Australia than within Australia. In some countries they use our English name, though some countries such as Italy have a mixture of both English and Italian. Our Woman Essence in Italy is Equilibrio Donna and one I always found a bit of a tongue twister when teaching in Italy is Ottimismo, which is our Abund. The best-selling Combinations are quite consistent across all the countries that we export them to. Though there are some quirky differences in some countries. The UK for example has Confid Essence as one of its three top sellers, where in most other countries it’s almost always number six. Make your own conclusions!

In researching this article I have been going back through all the old newsletters, however I couldn’t find where we released Calm & Clear Essence. There is reference to it back in 2003 but I'm sure it was launched prior to that. 

So after such a concentrated flurry of Remedies then there was nothing for over 20 years! Last year Boost and Carers were added to the family! And a few months later Men’s Essence was launched.

I would love to receive a testimonial about either your favourite Combination Remedy or the one that had the most profound effect for you.

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