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Ian's November 2021 Newsletter

November 16, 2021
One of the great benefits of meditation is to connect to and heighten your intuition
Ian's November 2021 Newsletter

Meditation Tips

One of the great benefits of meditation is to connect to and heighten your intuition and provided you meditate on a regular basis, no matter what the outcome, you will achieve this. I recommend an ideal time for meditation to be about 20 minutes. Mind you, if you only have 10 minutes on occasion this is better than nothing at all.

Tip 1
My first suggestion is to take a dose of Meditation Essence before commencing a meditation! Don’t have any expectation about what should happen in or what the outcome of your meditation should be. Never be disappointed about the overall experience of a meditation. Having a meditation that is full of mental chatter and thoughts where the time goes very slowly is equally beneficial as a meditation where you go incredibly deep and time seems to fly. The former is more likely to occur when you first start meditating. Though you are still highly likely to experience this in meditation from time to time even after meditating for many years.

Tip 2
Preferably, meditate on an empty stomach and you will enjoy your meditation even more if you do it after some physical activity such as stretching or yoga, even if it is for a short time. Hatha Yoga was developed to tone and relax the physical body so one could go deeper in meditation.

Tip 3

Find a time of day to meditate that suits you and try to stick to that time. I personally prefer meditating around sunset and I’ve never really felt inclined to or enjoyed meditating in the mornings. Your spirit guides and any other spiritual beings who want to contact you or work with you are more easily able to connect with you from the spiritual realm if they know they can reach you around the same time each day. Calling in a spiritual being who is not your guide can take about 20 minutes if they don’t know when you will be meditating.

Tip 4
It also helps if you meditate in the same chair or place each time. You will find that over time the energy will build up there and you will experience greater peace, heightened intuition and greater depth in your meditation. You can also raise the vibration of where you meditate by misting the area beforehand with Space Clearing mist or even the Meditation Essence. I’d also suggest keeping the area where you meditate sacred to yourself and free of clutter, both of a physical and metaphysical nature.

The Meditation Essence awakens one’s spirituality and allows one to go deeper into any religious or spiritual practice. It also enhances access to the Higher Self whilst providing psychic protection and healing of the aura. The Essences in this remedy combination and the reasons why they are included are:

Angelsword – to enhance your spiritual communication and inner guidance
Boronia – keeping you focussed in guided visualisation or on a mantra
Bush Fuchsia – heightening your intuition, and trusting it!
Bush Iris – opening your third eye
Fringed Violet – psychic protection when going very deep in your practice
Green Spider Orchid – deepening your telepathic skills
Red Lily – opening your crown chakra whilst at the same time keeping you grounded

Tip 5

For most people their meditation practice will mostly be done alone or with the people they live with. However, it can be very enjoyable and quite a different experience to meditate in a group. Doing this once a week, if it is at all possible, is recommended.

I particularly enjoy the group meditations in the White Light, Light Frequency and Divine Presence Essence workshops. Here we have not only the energy of the group all meditating together, but we also have a huge number of Beings of Light present. There is also, of course, the focus of the individual spiritual Essence that we’ve all taken prior to the meditation. In recent years we have had up to 700 people in the individual programs of Isis, Solar Logos and Gaia all meditating together at the same time around the world. The energy during the meditations during these programs have always been incredibly powerful.
On the 22nd of this month, I will be running, for the very first time, the Divine Presence Essence workshop as an online webinar. It will run over 4 Sessions. With all of us, as a group, taking one of the Divine Presence Essences weekly and meditating together with it we will create a tremendous energy build-up. This will allow us to go deeper in our journey with each of these four essences. It will also be creating a very powerful, positive, planetary impact.

These four Essences are incredibly potent. Not only are they are allowing more love into our lives and bringing through our Higher Self more fully, but they are also a tool to be totally open to receive the streaming consciousness that Spirit is currently impulsing to Gaia and us. Come and experience them with hundreds of others on this Webinar!

Tip 6
I think my best advice if you’ve never tried meditating before or have been very irregular in your practice is to give yourself a month of doing it daily. After that I am very sure that you will definitely notice the difference on any day that you miss and be very motivated to continue the next day. For those who are concerned that they don’t have the time to meditate daily, I recommend that firstly you take a course of Black-eyed Susan and secondly you will be pleasantly surprised to know that 20 minutes of meditation a day is equivalent to 1.5 hours of sleep

Tip 7

Finally, you’ll find that meditation will help bring about a lot more calmness and balance in your life and you’ll find it much easier to listen to and follow your own inner guidance. Not only would I not have developed the Australian Bush Flower Essences but I also shudder to think what I’d be like – as a constitutional Black-eyed Susan type - if I had not meditated daily throughout the last 45 years!

Guided meditations can be a nice starting point if you have never meditated before – of course people who are already meditating also enjoy them. I have just re-released my Flower & Healing Meditation CD, which is also available as a digital download. There are two Flower Meditations, one has background music of Ave Maria as a Gregorian chant sung by Benedictine nuns. The other one has no background music. This is also the case for my Cleansing and Purifying Meditation whereby you can listen to it with or without background music.

Take a dose of Meditation Essence before meditating
Have no expectation for the meditation
Meditate on a regular basis for 20 minutes
Meditate on an empty stomach
Meditate at a regular time
Meditate in the same chair or place
Consider meditating once a week with a group
Discipline yourself to do daily meditations for a month and observe the difference in your life

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