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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences capture a plant's vibrational healing quality and life-force by working with the plant’s flowers via the traditional sunshine method, as utilised by Dr Edward Bach. Flowers are used because they are the highest embodiment of the plant. These subtle remedies, unlike aromatic oils, are scent-free and they safely harness a plant’s healing energy.

What are Flower Essences used for?

Flower Essences harness the unique vibrational healing signature of each flower, imprinting it onto a carrier solution. Flower Essences treat imbalances at a higher level, promoting emotional and spiritual balance. By addressing the root causes, Flower Essences enhance overall wellbeing, providing a holistic approach to healing the whole person.

How long have Flower Essences been used?

Flower Essences have a rich history spanning thousands of years. Indigenous Australians used flowers for emotional and physical healing, while ancient civilisations in Egypt, India, Asia, Europe and South America also embraced their therapeutic properties. Recorded use in Europe dates back to the twelfth century with Abbess Hildegard von Bingen. The modern resurgence began with Dr. Edward Bach's work ninety years ago, focusing on English flowering plants. Naturopath Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, has further developed this method using plants from all over Australia. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from an early age the healing power of Australian plants. He has spent over 40 years travelling Australia researching and developing a range of 70 specific Bush Essences.

How effective are the Australian Bush Flower Essences?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are renowned for their effectiveness, originating in a natural health clinic and gaining global recognition among practitioners. Derived from the world's oldest and most diverse flowering plants, the Australian Bush Flower Essences boast a rich biodiversity of healing qualities. Collected from the wild, these Essences carry naturally higher levels of active compounds and a higher vibration energetically than if cultivated. Their efficacy have been verified by numerous independent studies from hospitals, universities and clinicians. The Bush Essences address contemporary issues such as communication, spirituality, adapting to technological change and the increased speed of life.

Are Australian Bush Flower Essences safe to take?

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are a safe and natural remedy. The vibrational energies are suspended in a solution of purified water and alcohol (13% natural preservative), with the alcohol content being almost infinitesimal in the recommended daily dose of 14 drops. They have no side effects and self-adjust to individual needs. Occasionally, symptoms may briefly intensify which is part of the healing process. This is known as a healing crisis and indicates forthcoming healing. Reassurance and continued use of the Essences are recommended during any such episode.

What is a Single Essence?

A Single Essence, derived from native Australian flowers by Ian White, is a concentrated stock strength, used by practitioners and individuals wanting to use the essence a great deal. These 70 essences capture a flower's unique vibrational life-force through traditional methods and are then further potentised. Single essences are diluted to make a dose bottle, which is the strength a person takes.

What are Remedy Essences?

Remedy Essences are ready-to-use combinations, at dosage strength, created from our Single Essences to address specific concerns or emotional symptoms. With 21 Remedy Essences available, they address themes such as: travel, relationships, self-esteem and women’s wellbeing, offering a convenient and effective approach to holistic wellbeing for the whole family.

What is the difference between Flower Essences, Herbal Remedies, Homoeopathy and Essential Oils?

Flower essences provide safe, holistic well-being by treating emotional and spiritual imbalances. Unlike homoeopathics, they address imbalances without side effects. Gurudas, the author of ‘Flower Essences’, favours flower essences as the most effective modality to reach and treat all our subtle-energy bodies and meridians. While homoeopathics impact the bio-magnetic fields, gem elixirs, though similar, lack the same life force potency as flowers. Herbal Remedies focus on the physical body, limited in their scope. Essential oils, extracted from plant parts, offer less specificity for emotional balance. Flower essences can be incorporated with all other healing modalities and present a holistic approach to achieving comprehensive balance in emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

How do I choose the right Bush Essence for myself?

Selecting a Bush Essence is a personal journey. While reading about the qualities of each individual essences can be overwhelming, asking specific questions can help narrow down the selection. Consider what do I most want in my life, or what is the major issue that I am now working through? Another approach is using our Flower Insight Cards; selecting up to 3 flowers that resonate with you and any you have aversions to. Trust your intuition. Blend your chosen essences in a dosage bottle. Additional methods include Dowsing, Kinesiology, Numerology and consulting our in-house Flower Essence practitioner for personalised guidance.

What if I selected and took the wrong Bush Flower Essence?

The subtle energies of the Bush Essences are self-adjusting and without side effects. There is no danger in taking the “wrong essence”. If you did not need the benefit of the remedy, nothing would happen, as there would be nothing for the essence to work on. The Bush Essences address old and presenting issues, making them a safe and natural healing modality.

Can I take more than one remedy at a time?

We generally recommend focusing on one dosage bottle remedy at a time for optimal effectiveness. Taking multiple remedies for various issues may result in scattered results. However, you can use one-off doses of Emergency, Focus (formerly known as Cognis) and Travel Essence alongside another remedy. For example, if you're taking Abund Essence for two weeks but experience a sudden event like a fall, taking a dose or two of Emergency Essence is acceptable. Similarly, if you feel unfocused or overwhelmed while working, a one-off dose of Focus Essence can be taken, even if you're already using another remedy. It's also acceptable to use Travel Essence during a plane flight, even if you're taking another remedy around that time. You can use different Space Mists and Therapeutic creams alongside an orally taken Bush Essence.

How long does it take for Flower Essences to work?

The Australian Bush Flower Essences can work immediately in many situations, but as the effects of Flower Essences are cumulative, for long-term issues, it could take from two to four weeks to see changes.

Can I take the Bush Essences with other supplements, herbs and medications?

Yes, you can take the Bush Essences with other supplements, herbs and medications. Flower Essences work on the underlying causes of many physical symptoms. It's an excellent opportunity to combine a flower essence with herbs, supplements, medications, essential oils or homeopathic remedies when addressing a specific physical symptom. This approach allows you to target effectively both the symptom and its root cause. It's recommended to leave a few minutes between taking the Bush Essences and any other medication or supplement. While some herbalists blend Flower Essences with their herbal extracts or tinctures, Ian suggests taking the Bush Essences separately for optimal effectiveness.

Can I take the Bush Essences when pregnant?

Yes you can! Australian Bush Flower Essences are safe for use during pregnancy. Not only do they provide support for the expectant mother, but the baby also receives the benefits of the Essences. Woman Essence is a popular choice, widely used by pregnant women for its safety and efficacy in promoting emotional wellbeing during this special time.

Can I use Australian Bush Flower Essences with children?

Absolutely! Australian Bush Flower Essences are a safe, drug-free option for adults, children and pets alike. They act quickly, especially with children and animals who typically have fewer emotional barriers than adults.

Can my child take the same dose as an adult?

Absolutely, the recommended dosage is universal – 7 drops on rising and retiring, suitable for both children and adults. Alternately, our Essences can be applied topically to the crown of the head or wrist pulse points or diluted in water. This simplicity ensures easy integration into daily routines, providing a convenient and effective way to support emotional balance for the whole family.

How quickly do Australian Bush Flower Essences work on children?

Our Essences work rapidly on children, who often respond quickly due to fewer emotional blocks compared to adults. The Children & Parenting Range offers a fast, drug-free solution, bringing balance and wellbeing to your child's emotional state. This makes integrating Australian Bush Flower Essences into your child's routine easy and effective.

How do Australian Bush Flower Essences benefit children's emotional wellbeing?

The Children & Parenting Range provides a natural, drug-free solution, fostering emotional balance in children. Australian Bush Flower Essences offer family-friendly remedies that promote emotional health and overall wellbeing in children. This holistic approach supports emotional resilience, helping children navigate challenges and maintain a positive, harmonious emotional state.

Can I use ABFE on animals?

The Bush Essences work quickly on both animals and children. They are entirely safe for animals of all kinds. For dogs, administer the drops directly into their mouth or add them to their water. For cats, apply the drops onto their paws for them to lick off. Alternatively, you can rub the drops onto their bare stomach or inside their ear flap, where absorption is easy. The Bush Essences can also be used on rabbits, pet fish, horses, birds and virtually all other animals. For more detailed guidance on using Bush Essences with animals, we recommend our book, "Animal Healing."

Can I administer a Single Essence directly from the bottle?

Our Single Essences are a concentrated stock that need to be diluted to form a dose bottle for daily use. To create a dose bottle, place seven drops of each Single Essence to a bottle up to 30 millilitres (or 1 ounce) in size, that is filled with a mixture of two-thirds (2/3) purified water and one-third (1/3) brandy.

How do you prepare a dose bottle?

Creating a Bush Essence dose bottle is simple. Add seven drops of the chosen stock strength essence or essences to a bottle up to 30 mls (or 1 ounce) in size. Fill the bottle with a mixture of two-thirds (2/3) purified water and one-third (1/3) brandy. This prepared dose bottle is then used by taking seven drops under the tongue on rising and retiring for two to four weeks. Spiritual Essences are prepared and taken in a similar way though you add seven drops of the chosen stock strength essence to a bottle up to 15 mls (or 1/2 ounce) in size.

Can the Bush Essences be prepared without alcohol?

While alcohol is used as a preservative in our products, there are alternatives to minimise alcohol ingestion. You can add drops to hot water, at a tea-drinking temperature, which will evaporate the alcohol. Alternatively, you can prepare a remedy substituting the brandy with colloidal silver or by simply adding 7 drops to purified water in a 15ml or 30ml bottle, storing it in the fridge and discarding after 2 weeks. The versatility of Bush Flower Essences also allows for topical use, applying drops on pulse points.

Do the products have a best before date?

Yes, all our products are labelled with a "Use By" date and a lot number to ensure quality and freshness. When stored properly in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, Flower Essences can remain potent for many years. Single stock essences have a 5-year expiry date, while combination remedies have a 3-year expiry date.

How should I store the Bush Flower Essences?

To maintain their potency, it's recommended to store the Bush Flower Essences in dark, cool conditions and not placed on top of or behind electrical appliances.

Can I take Emergency Essence more than twice a day?

Yes, Emergency Essence can be taken as frequently as necessary. There are no restrictions on the number of doses you can take in a day. Use it as needed to help you cope and find courage when facing challenging situations and emotional upset.

Are Australian Bush Flower Essences gluten free?

Yes, all our Essence Drops and Remedy Sprays are gluten free, ensuring a safe and inclusive experience for everyone.

Can I take my Essences through airports?

Yes, you can take Australian Bush Flower Essences through airports without any issues. Our products are not affected by x-rays and devices emitting EMFs, ensuring hassle-free travel with your essences. None of our products are over 100ml in size, which is the current maximum size allowed for hand luggage.

Is it safe to use Australian Bush Flower Essences Organic Skincare while pregnant?

Using our Organic Skincare is generally safe during pregnancy. Our products are crafted with care and their organic certification ensures they meet high safety standards. However, it's always advisable to consult with your healthcare provider for personalised advice during pregnancy.

How are the Australian Bush Flower Essences Pendants crafted?

Each pendant is meticulously crafted from medical-grade glass, ensuring durability and quality. These unique art pieces from Australian Bush Flower Essences are designed to provide both aesthetic appeal and emotional support.

Can I wear the Australian Bush Flower Essences Pendant every day?

Yes, you can wear the pendant every day. Crafted with durable medical-grade glass, these pendants are designed for daily use, providing a constant source of emotional support and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

How should I care for my Australian Bush Flower Essences Pendant?

To preserve the beauty and longevity of your pendant, store it in the provided box when not worn. This will protect both its aesthetic appeal and the emotional benefits it offers.

What are the White Light Essences?

The White Light Essences are a range of seven Spiritual Essences created to invoke and access the realm of Nature and Spirit within ourselves, so as to more fully understand our spirituality and fulfill our highest potential. The project to make these essences took Ian over four years to complete and led him on a journey to some of the most remote and sacred locations around the world.

What are the Light Frequency Essences?

The Light Frequency Essences are the second range of spiritual essences created by Ian White. They contain seven individual essences which help your Spirit to gain wisdom, expand and grow, enabling you to attain your highest potential. These essences assist you to be open to and integrate all the spiritual energies present around us at this time. They also deepen your connection to the Earth and Nature.

What are the Divine Presence Essences?

The Divine Presence Essences are four crown-centred spiritual essences that ground, anchor and help bring through one's Higher Self more fully. They help replace one's spiritual pain and suffering with love and courage. Additionally, they also powerfully release spiritual blockages, fostering a more profound sense of life purpose, direction and wellbeing.

Can I administer a Spiritual Essence directly from the bottle?

Our Spiritual Essence Collection is a concentrated stock that need to be diluted to form a dose bottle for daily use. To create a dose bottle, place seven drops of the Spiritual Essence to a bottle up to 30 millilitres (or 1 ounce) in size, that is filled with a mixture of two-thirds (2/3) purified water and one-third (1/3) brandy.

Why do my bottles look less full or unevenly filled?

Our bottles are accurately filled with a minimum of 10ml. Sometimes, the levels may not appear even due to variations in the thickness and shape of the bottles. Rest assured, each bottle contains the full amount of essence as indicated.

Where do you deliver?

Our dispatch department is based in Sydney, Australia and we deliver to all Australian states and territories. We also deliver overseas.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our shipping rates are calculated using the weight and destination of your order and will be sent via Australia Post. To view the cost of delivery for your order, please add all of the items to your shopping cart and ensure your delivery suburb or postcode is correct. Any shipping prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

Do you offer Express Delivery?

We offer express delivery on all orders, Australia wide. All Express Post orders placed before 1:00pm AEST will be dispatched the same day. Next-day delivery is only available within the Express Post Next Business Day Delivery Network. If you are located outside of this network, it may be slightly longer.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship to over 25 countries worldwide. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and exclude Australian taxes (GST). Before placing international orders, please check with customs for any restrictions. Please note that customs clearance, taxes and/or any duty charges incurred upon arrival are your responsibility. We will not be held liable for any items which are not able to be delivered or cleared with overseas customs. Any orders to be sent outside Australia will be sent by DHL unless you contact us to advise otherwise. As an alternative for international orders please check our distributor list for your nearest international distributor. Please allow up to two weeks for international delivery as delivery times may be affected by seasonal events, such as Christmas or sale periods.

Do you accept returns?

At Australian Bush Flower Essences we take pride in offering you quality service on all levels. Our Essences are made in a loving and caring environment and are packed with extra care. However, if you receive damaged, faulty or incorrect products, we are happy to replace the goods at no extra charge. Please choose your items carefully as we do not refund or replace products for incorrect orders being placed by you.

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