Level 1 Workshop Brisbane

Dr Niikee Schoendorfer · 8 & 9 June, 2024

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Unlock the healing potential of the Australian Bush with our Level 1 Workshop. This...

A profound life-changing and enhancing experience for me.
Jan Gannon, VIC
About The Workshop

Unlock the healing potential of the Australian Bush with our Level 1 Workshop. This two-day immersive experience delves into the history and philosophy of Flower Essences, explores in depth 24 of the Bush Essences – and much more. It is designed to empower you with the competence and confidence to use and prescribe Australian Bush Flower Essences, unlocking the potential for positive change in your life.

What to Expect

Competence and Confidence Acquire the skills to effectively use and prescribe the Bush Essences, enhancing your ability to address life's challenges and crises.

Understanding Emotional Patterns Explore how emotional patterns impact your life and learn powerful yet gentle techniques to transform these patterns, improving your overall wellbeing.

Insights into Nature and Self Delve into the history and philosophy of Flower Essences, gaining new insights into nature, the plant kingdom and about yourself.

Bush Walk Enjoy a gentle bush walk and the opportunity to meet and observe some of the Bush Essences in their natural habitat.

Tools for Life's Challenges Discover new tools to meet and resolve life’s challenges, including learning difficulties and family issues, promoting personal growth and resilience.

Enhanced Self-Esteem Find out how to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence, fostering a positive and empowered mindset.

Visual Exploration Immerse yourself in a stunning visual presentation of the flowers used to make the Bush Essences, as well as the diverse regions of Australia where they grow.

Meditation and Art Experience a flower meditation and intuitive art process, allowing for a deeper connection with the healing energies of the Bush Essences.

Ancient Metaphysical Teachings Learn the ancient teachings of the four elemental personality types and their corresponding Essences, gaining profound understanding of yourself and those around you. It will also provide a powerful shortcut to balancing your endocrine system.

Bush Essence Prescribing Master the art of how to choose, make and prescribe the best Bush Essence remedies for yourself, friends and family.

Essence Making Discover the intricate process of how a Flower Essence is created.

About Your Teacher

Dr Niikee Schoendorfer

  • A naturopathic, nutritional medicine clinician, research scientist and university academic, Niikee has been passionately incorporating Australian Bush Flower Essences into her practice since 1998. She has been teaching Bush Essence workshops around Australia since 2011. Her light-hearted nature and enthusiasm shine through in her workshops, creating an engaging learning experience.

Soul Space
23 Parker Street,
QLD 4051


None, the Level 1 Workshop is suitable for all individuals and practitioners

Continuing Education

Our Level 1 Workshop carries accreditation with nationally recognised professional practitioner bodies, earning you points for professional development:

  • ANTA
    (Australia): 15 points
  • ATMS
    (Australia): 8 points

Transform lives &
Expand potential

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing and empowerment with our Australian Bush Flower Essences Level 1 Workshop.

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Continuous Learning and Growth

An immersive journey of holistic healing

Level 1 Workshop Brisbane Level 1 Workshop Brisbane

Start your journey into learning about the benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences. 

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Level 1 Workshop Brisbane Level 1 Workshop Brisbane