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From time immemorial man has recognised that light was essential for life. Colour is...


From time immemorial man has recognised that light was essential for life. Colour is a manifestation of light and, in all cultures and spiritual teachings throughout the ages, colour has always been associated with divine meaning.

Music too has also been closely identified with colour from the earliest of times, with each colour being invoked in specific chants or religious music. Two and a half thousand years ago, Pythagoras mathematically demonstrated this connection through his theory on colour and harmonic scale.

Sound [pure vibration], is the force inherent in all things and has a powerful effect on the cellular structure of human beings and a very profound effect on our psyche, emotions and soul.

In esoteric numerology, each person’s master number corresponds with a specific colour. Now also associated with each colour is a musical composition, that would help balance anyone whose master number corresponded to that particular colour.

Harpist Jane Rosenson and violinist Kirsten Williams, both exceptional musicians, have recorded a CD with excerpts from all eight of the musical compositions pertaining to this system of numerology.

So listen and enjoy this beautiful CD and be uplifted, harmonised and balanced.

Jane Rosenson is the solo harpist with the Australian Opera and Kirsten Williams is the associate concertmaster with the Sydney Symphony. Both highly respected instrumentalists are active as soloists, chamber musicians, and recording artists and together with their violin and harp duo. This is the first in a series of their recordings on music and healing.

Recorded at St. Augustine’s Church in Balmain, NSW, Australia.

Thank you to Father Joseph.


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White Light CD - Complete White Light CD - Complete

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