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Introducing our new 2024 Essence, designed to align, optimise and elevate your journey throughout...


Introducing our new 2024 Essence, designed to align, optimise and elevate your journey throughout the upcoming year. Guided by the numeric essence of 2024 as a Universal Year 8 (2+0+2+4 = 8), Ian has selected eight Bush Essences for this transformative remedy. Tailored to empower you, this essence is also designed to enrich your experience across all twelve months, fostering a profound connection to the energies and potential that will define you and 2024.

Imagine the eight chosen Essences as spokes on a large wheel, turning seamlessly and offering myriad entry points across one's emotional and spiritual realms.

The 2024 Essence acts as a catalyst, building courage and resilience. It will empower you; to identify and express your feelings courageously; to bravely delve within to see what needs strengthening or dissolving, whilst releasing doubts, loss of faith and concerns. Simultaneously, it opens the door to fully receiving and embracing the quantum light, facilitating a harmonious alignment with all the available energies and potential of 2024.

During these last few years we have been in a world grappling with oppressive, tyrannical energies. The 2024 Essence offers the opportunity to resist, detoxify and release them. In a year where discernment is key, this Essence becomes a trusted ally, assisting you in understanding and navigating the complexities of the world around you.

Beyond its transformative qualities, the 2024 Essence also instils heightened hope and optimism, whilst fostering openness in improving your financial situation during this Universal Year 8.

As society witnesses the resurgence of old prejudices and biases, particularly in religious and racist domains, this Essence becomes a powerful tool to help clear out these deeply rooted, generational, negative beliefs and programming.

A notable component of this Essence is Calophyllum, the first new Bush Essence in nearly two decades. Responding to societal needs, Calophyllum emerges as a key essence, nurturing the development and activation of one’s leadership qualities, inspiring, supporting and showing the way for others. This essence not only wants to point out the way, but wants to unite and bring others with them. It strengthens one’s connection to Spirit, which gives certainty in knowing where one is going and what they should do. Calophyllum provides tremendous resilience, determination and a strong moral compass, fostering a commitment to what is best for everyone.

The 2024 Essence is not just a remedy; it's both an empowering and deeply detoxification experience, addressing so many aspects of your wellbeing. Step into the new year fortified with resilience, discernment and a commitment to your personal and spiritual growth.

Emotional Condition

  • Doubt
  • Loss of faith
  • Feeling powerless
  • Overconcern
  • Holding on to old biases, prejudices and negative patterns
  • Gullibility
  • Loss of hope

Positive Outcome

  • Inner strength and resilience
  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • Hope and optimism
  • Clarity of purpose and courage to follow it
  • Discernment
  • In touch with one’s feeling
  • Harmonious alignment with the energies available to us in 2024
  • Open to receiving & embracing the quantum light


Affirmation: I'm now fully aligned to the reality I want to create in 2024, where I express the very best of myself.


Vibrational infusions of the flowers above, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.

How To Use

Just seven drops under the tongue on rising and retiring.



ReleasesDoubtNegative PatternsOverconcernPowerlessness

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Step into the New Year with optimism and resilience. Our exclusive 2024 Essence has arrived to guide your 2024 journey.⁠

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