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Join Founder, Director and 5th Generation Australian Herbalist Ian White in his Numerology Workshop....

About The Workshop

Join Founder, Director and 5th Generation Australian Herbalist Ian White in his Numerology Workshop. Learn the inherent quality of each number, Personal Year Cycles, Ruling Numbers, Day Numbers, Chart Compatibility and Comparison. The goal for this workshop is for you to be able to see the strengths and challenges of the chart, understand the individual’s personality and know what Bush Essences would be beneficial.

Numerology is a powerful, sacred system that goes back thousands of years and is the study of numbers and their energetic influence on our lives. Numbers are symbols that carry energetic vibrations which can be used to more deeply understand yourself and those around you and to find your direction and purpose in life.

Numerology provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a road map helps us to navigate a route we have not previously travelled. Following an understanding of Numerology and how to create a chart, Ian will teach you how to select specific Bush Essences for all the inherent strengths and challenges aspects of a chart.

The Numerology Workshop has been curated into 8 sections and covers:

  • The inherent quality of each number
  • Personal Year Cycles - 9 Year Cycles of Change
  • Ruling Numbers - Life's Primary Pathway
  • Day Numbers - The Other Side of You
  • The Arrows - Added Strengths
  • The Pyramids – Your Peak Years
  • Chart Compatibility and Comparison
  • Recognising major strengths and weaknesses inherent in the chart
  • Selecting specific Bush Essences for all aspects of a chart

Many choose to work through the sections by week finishing this course in 8 weeks, however, you can work through this content at your own pace. Content can be viewed and downloaded as many times as required, your access will not expire.

Additional Material

We strongly recommended purchasing Discovering the Inner Self by David A Phillips as a reference guide prior to commencing this workshop.


    We are here to assist you in finding the most suitable course to help you achieve your goals. For further information, please contact our Workshop Coordinator directly via email or phone +612 9450 1388.


    There are no prerequisites to enrol in this workshop.

    Continuing Education

    This course accrues the following points with these nationally recognised professional practitioner bodies:

    • ANTA (Australia) 15 points
    • ATMS (Australia) 8 points
    • NCBTMB (USA) 15 CE’s

    Unlocking Life's Code

    Embark on a transformative journey with Ian White, delving into Numerology's ancient wisdom. Decode the language of numbers, revealing strengths, challenges and personalised Australian Bush Flower Essences prescriptions.

    Numerology Online Workshop Numerology Online Workshop

    The benefits

    An immersive journey of holistic healing

    Numerology Online Workshop Numerology Online Workshop

    Start your journey into learning about the benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world at any time with Ian White, Founder, CEO & 5th Generation Australian Herbalist. 

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    Numerology Online Workshop Numerology Online Workshop

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