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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences, derived from fresh flower blossoms, imprint water with the energetic essence of plants. Unlike aromatic essential oils, these subtle, scent-free preparations harness the life force of plants that is extremely safe to use. Operating as "vibrational remedies," they induce healing through resonance, a principle extending to extracts from various natural sources like plants, trees and crystals. This unique approach reflects a holistic philosophy, recognising the interconnectedness of vibrational energies for emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

How long have Flower Essences been used?

For thousands of years, Australian Aborigines have used flowers to heal emotional imbalances and physical injuries. Flower Essences were also used in ancient Egypt, as well as India, Asia, Europe, and South America. The earliest European recorded use of Flower Essences was by Abbess Hildegard von Bingen in the twelfth century. This system of healing was rediscovered and popularised ninety years ago by Dr. Edward Bach with his use of English flowering plants. Naturopath Ian White, a 5th generation Australian herbalist, has further developed this method using plants from all over Australia. Ian grew up in the bush and was taught from an early age the healing power of Australian plants. He has spent over 40 years travelling Australia researching and developing a range of 70 specific Bush Essences.

What are Flower Essences used for?

Flower Essences are produced by imprinting a flower's unique vibrational healing signature onto the carrier solution and are used to treat imbalances at a higher level, bringing about emotional and spiritual balance and wellbeing in the whole person.

How long does it take for Flower Essences to work?

The Australian Bush Flower Essences can work immediately in many situations, but as the effects of Flower Essences are cumulative, for long-term issues, it could take from two to four weeks to see changes.

How effective are the Australian Bush Flower Essences?

Australian Bush Flower Essences started within a natural health clinic and became the choice of practitioners worldwide because of its diverse range and efficacious results within a clinical environment. There are several unique points associated with our Bush Essences: Australia is accepted as having the first flowering plants and consequently the oldest species in the world and the highest number of flowering species - a wonderfully rich biodiversity in natural healing qualities. Our bush flowers are collected from the wild. These plants live in their natural habitat and therefore have naturally higher levels of active compounds and a higher vibration energetically than if cultivated. We have many independent studies, from hospitals, universities, clinicians, and other international bodies showing the efficacy of the Bush Essences. The Bush Essences uniquely address many contemporary issues such as communication, spirituality, emotional issues, space clearing, and sexuality.

Are Australian Bush Flower Essences safe to take?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are vibrational energies suspended within a solution of pure water and alcohol [13% natural preservative]. The low volume of alcohol is brandy which is the best natural preservative. The alcohol content in the recommended daily dose of 14 drops (7 drops on rising and retiring) is almost infinitesimal, about three drops. They have no side effects or negative effects whatsoever and are self-adjusting to the needs of the individual taking them. Occasionally the symptoms for which the person is taking the remedy can become more intense for a day or two. This is part of the healing process and in fact, is called a healing crisis. It is not a bad sign as it is indicative of the healing that will soon follow. In a healing crisis, we would recommend that you reassure the person and advise them to continue with the remedy.

What is the difference between Flower Essences, Herbal Remedies, Homoeopathy and Essential Oils?

Flower Essences are totally safe and used to treat emotional and spiritual imbalances, which are the cause of our physical symptoms at least 90% of the time. Flower Essences thus bring about total well-being for the individual. Homoeopathics are prepared in a somewhat similar way to Flower Essences using animal, mineral, and herbal bases imprinted upon the solution at varied dilution ratios and are generally recommended for a specific ailment. Homoeopathics are not self-adjusting or without side effects and can result in severe aggravations. Also, homoeopathic remedies are easily antidoted by contact with aromatic substances such as perfume, strong mint-flavored toothpaste, garlic, coffee or essential oils. According to Gurudas, the author of the book Flower Essences, of the three major forms of vibrational remedies – Flower Essences, Homoeopathic remedies, and Gem Elixirs – Flower Essences are the best and most effective modality to reach and treat the subtle-energy bodies, as well as the meridians. He states that homoeopathic remedies generally operate on the bio-magnetic fields of the body. Some of them can affect the chakras and subtle bodies, but not as effectively as Flower Essences. Gem Elixirs act similarly to Flower Essences but not to the same degree, as they do not have the same potency of life force. Herbal extracts and tinctures are derived after macerating parts of plants and trees i.e., root, bark, leaves in alcohol for a period of time before straining and bottling. Herbal remedies are once again generally recommended for a specific ailment and only work on the physical body, they are far cruder in nature and their chemical constituents can be analysed and measured. Essential Oils are extracted from the flower, bark, sap, and leaves of plants and are aromatic scented residues that work via the olfactory sense. Essential Oils are far less specific in addressing emotional imbalances. Flower Essences can be effectively used in conjunction with all these other modalities.

What is a Single Essence?

A single essence is a specific flower that Ian White makes the flower essence from. There are 70 individual single essences that are made from flowers all over Australia. They are available in a stock (concentrate) form and are used by practitioners and those wanting to use the essence a great deal. Single essences are diluted to make a dose bottle, which is the strength a person takes.

What are Remedy Essences?

Remedy Essences are dosage strength (ready to use) combinations, made from single essences that address a person's specific concerns or symptoms. We have 21 Remedy Essences available that address specific themes e.g., the Woman Essence or the Calm & Clear Essence.

What are the Divine Presence Essences?

The Divine Presence Essences are four crown-centred spiritual essences that ground, anchor and help bring through one's Higher Self more fully. They help replace one's spiritual pain and suffering with love and courage. They also powerfully release spiritual blockages.

What are the White Light Essences?

The White Light Essences are a range of 7 Spiritual Essences that help us invoke and access the realm of Nature and Spirit within ourselves, so as to more fully understand our spirituality and fulfill our highest potential. The project to make these essences took Ian over four years to complete and led him on a journey to some of the most remote and sacred locations around the world.

What are the Light Frequency Essences?

The Light Frequency Essences are the second range of spiritual essences created by Ian White. They contain seven individual essences which help your Spirit to gain wisdom, expand and grow, enabling you to attain your highest potential. These essences assist you to be open to and integrate all the spiritual energies present around us at this time. They also deepen your connection to the Earth and Nature.

How do I choose the right Bush Essence for myself?

There are many ways in which you can choose an Essence. You could simply read through the information on each of the individual essences and decide which ones are most appropriate. However, this can overwhelm some people and they could feel that they need them all! To drastically narrow down the number of Essences that you are considering ask yourself the following questions – what do I most want in my life, or what is the major issue that I am now working through? Then simply choose the appropriate Bush Essences. Alternatively, you could look through the Flower Insight Cards and choose those which most appeal to you (limiting them to no more than 3) and also include any card that you have an aversion to. Invariably, using this technique, you will choose Essences that will address your most pertinent issues. These Essences can then be blended in a dosage bottle. Other less commonly used methods to determine the choice of a remedy include: Dowsing • Kinesiology • Numerology • Using your Intuition • Working with a Flower Essence practitioner.

How do you prepare a dose bottle?

Seven drops of stock are added to a bottle up to 30 millilitres (or 1 ounce) in size, that is filled with a mixture of two-thirds (2/3) purified water and one-third (1/3) brandy. This is called a "dose" bottle and the recommended dose is seven drops under the tongue on rising and retiring for two to four weeks.

Can the Bush Essences be prepared without alcohol?

All our products contain alcohol as a preservative. However, there are ways to minimise ingesting the alcohol. One way is to boil some water and add the drops. Let the water cool to the temperature at which you drink a cup of tea and consume all the water. The alcohol will have evaporated. With children the drops can also be added to bath water. You can also make up a Flower essence remedy from the stock essence by adding 7 drops of essence per 15ml or 30ml bottle with the purified water omitting the brandy. However, you will need to keep the remedy in the fridge and discard the bottle after 2 weeks. The beauty of the Flower Essences is that there are options other than oral consumption, thereby negating the need to ingest alcohol. The Bush Flower Essences can be used topically: • Place the drops morning and night onto your stomach just above your naval, this is where your ‘feeling centre’ is situated. • Place the drops on your pulse points morning and night, e.g. inner wrists, side of the neck or behind the ears.

What if I selected and took the wrong Bush Flower Essence?

The subtle energies of the Bush Essences will address old and presenting issues and are self-adjusting and without side effects. There is no danger in taking the “wrong essence”. If you did not need the benefit of the remedy then nothing would happen, it simply would not work.

Can I take more than one remedy at a time?

We normally suggest you take one dosage bottle remedy at a time. It is far more effective to focus on just one issue, otherwise the results can be very scattered if you are taking several remedies for many different issues. You can however, use one-off doses for both Emergency, Focus (previously named Cognis), and Travel Essence while you are taking another remedy. For example, you could be taking Abund Essence for 2 weeks but in the middle of taking it you might fall and feel a little bit shaken up, so you could take a dose or two of Emergency Essence. Or while working you are feeling unfocused or overwhelmed, so you could then take a one-off dose of Focus Essence, even though you may be in the middle of taking another remedy. It’s quite OK to take Travel Essence during a plane flight even though you may be taking another remedy in the lead-up to and after that flight. There is absolutely no detriment in using the mists and creams while also taking a Bush Essence dosage drops orally. You can use more than one mist or cream on the same day.

Can I take the Bush Essences with other supplements, herbs and medications?

Yes, in fact because Flower Essences work with the causal issues of many physical symptoms it is generally an excellent opportunity to recommend a flower essence with the herb, supplement, medication, essential oil or homoeopathic etc., you would be suggesting treating that physical symptom. This gives the opportunity to treat both the symptom and the cause.

Can I take the Bush Essences when pregnant?

Yes, Australian Bush Flower Essences can be taken while pregnant. In fact, the baby will also be getting the benefit of the essences that the mother is taking. Woman Essence, for example, is widely and safely used by pregnant women.

Can I use Australian Bush Flower Essences with children?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are an effective drug-free solution for adults, children and even your pets. In fact, they work extremely quickly on children and animals as they do not have as many emotional blocks as adults. We recommend the same dose for children as adults i.e., 7 drops on rising and retiring.

Can I use ABFE on animals?

The Bush Essences act exceptionally quickly on both animals and children. They are totally safe for animals. For dogs, you can put the drops directly in their mouth or in their water whilst for cats you can put the drops on their paws and they will lick it off. Alternatively, you can rub the drops on the bare skin of their stomach or inside of the ear flap, where it is easily absorbed. You can also use the Bush Essences on rabbits, pet fish, horses, and birds – basically all animals. We have a book, Animal Healing, if you wish to explore using the Bush Essences with animals in great depth.

Can I take Emergency Essence more than twice a day?

Emergency Essence can be taken as often as needed.

Can I take Emergency Essence when taking anti-depressants?

The Bush Essences can be used without detriment while working with any other healing modality. Similarly, the Essences can be used at the same time while a person is taking any other supplement or medication, including anti-depressants. It’s recommended there be at least a few minutes gap between taking a Bush Essence and any other supplement or medication. Some herbalists add Flower Essences to a herbal extract or tincture, however, Ian sees this as a bit like casting ‘pearls before swine’ and recommends the Bush Essences be taken separately and not mixed in the same bottle as herbs.

Can I use Australian Bush Flower Essence Skincare when pregnant?

Using our Organic skin Care is generally safe. Australian Bush Flower Essence Skincare is certified by The Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd. It ensures our skincare does not contain GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or synthetic additives; nor does it contain chemical insecticides, herbicides or fungicides.

Are Australian Bush Flower Essences gluten free?

Yes, all our Essence Drops and Remedy Sprays are gluten Free.

How should I store the Bush Flower Essences?

The Bush Flower Essences are best stored in dark, cool conditions.

Can I take my Essences through airports?

Australian Bush Flower Essences are not directly affected by any devices containing EMFs, therefore there should be no issue taking our products through airports.

Do the products have a best before date?

When Flower Essences are stored properly, they can remain potent for a number of years. To ensure their longevity, the product needs to be kept in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. In adherence with legal regulations, we add a stamp lot number and “Use By” date on all our products. Single stock essences have a 5 year expiry date and combination remedies have a 3 year expiry date.

Where do you deliver?

Our dispatch department is based in Sydney, Australia and we deliver to all Australian states and territories. We also deliver overseas.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Our shipping rates are calculated using the weight and destination of your order and will be sent via Australia Post. To view the cost of delivery for your order, please add all of the items to your shopping cart and ensure your delivery suburb or postcode is correct. Any shipping prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.

Do you offer Express Delivery?

We offer express delivery on all orders, Australia wide. All Express Post orders placed before 1:00pm AEST will be dispatched the same day. Next-day delivery is only available within the Express Post Next Business Day Delivery Network. If you are located outside of this network, it may be slightly longer.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship to over 25 countries worldwide. Before placing international orders, please check with customs for any restrictions. Please note that customs clearance, taxes and/or any duty charges incurred upon arrival are your responsibility. We will not be held liable for any items which are not able to be delivered or cleared with overseas customs. Any orders to be sent outside Australia will be sent by DHL unless you contact us to advise otherwise. All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and exclude Australian taxes (GST). As an alternative for international orders please check our distributor list for your nearest international distributor. If there is not a distributor in your country we are happy to process your order, however, please note that customs clearance, taxes and/or any duty incurred upon arrival are your responsibility. If there is not a distributor in your country we are happy to process your order, however, please note that customs clearance, taxes and/or any duty incurred upon arrival are your responsibility. Please allow up to two weeks for international delivery as delivery times may be affected by seasonal events, such as Christmas or sale periods.

Do you accept returns?

At Australian Bush Flower Essences we take pride in offering you quality service on all levels. Our Essences are made in a loving and caring environment and are packed with extra care. However, if you receive damaged, faulty or incorrect products, we are happy to replace the goods at no extra charge. Please choose your items carefully as we do not refund or replace products for incorrect orders being placed by you.

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