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Your Guide to Prepare a Dosage Bottle

June 13, 2024
Creating your own dosage bottle with our Bush Essences is not only simple but also deeply rewarding. 
Your Guide to Prepare a Dosage Bottle
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Bottle - Blank Amber 15ml - 10pk

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Creating your own dosage bottle with our Bush Essences is not only simple but also deeply rewarding. By combining purified water, brandy and your selected Bush Essence, you can craft a custom elixir tailored to your own unique needs.

This guide will walk you through the easy steps to prepare your dosage bottle, from mixing the ingredients to energising the final product. Whether you choose to enhance the Bush Essence with an intention, prayer, visualisation or affirmations, you'll be creating a bespoke solution to support your journey towards emotional and spiritual wellness. Ready to unlock the potential of these natural remedies? Let’s get started.

Dosage bottles are prepared by taking a 15/30 ml dropper bottle filled with two- thirds (2/3) purified water and one-third (1/3) brandy (as a preservative) and adding seven drops from the stock bottle. Several essences can be combined in the one bottle, but it is generally suggested that the number combined be limited to only four or five and aimed at the same issue.

Some people seek to energise their the dosage bottle after the stock has been added with a prayer or invocation, a visualisation such as surrounding the essence with white or gold light, or lightly tapping the bottle on their palm, though none of these are essential. Affirmations can also be used very effectively with the essences.

A Simple Guide to Preparing Dosage Bottles

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • 15 ml/30 ml dropper bottle
  • Purified water
  • Brandy (as a preservative)
  • Stock bottle of your chosen Bush Essence
  • Labels
  • Marker

    Step 2: Mix the Base Solution

    1. Fill the Dropper Bottle: To a 15 ml (1/2 oz) or 30 ml (1 oz) dropper bottle add two-thirds (2/3) purified water.
    2. Add Brandy: Fill the remaining one-third (1/3) of the bottle with brandy. This acts as a preservative to maintain the essence's potency.

      Step 3: Add Stock Essence

      1. Measure Drops: Add seven drops from your chosen stock bottle Bush Essence to the dropper bottle.
      2. Combine Essences (Optional): If desired, add up to four or five different stock essences into your dose bottle. Add seven drops of each stock essence into your dose bottle. Ensure you do not exceed this limit to maintain the effectiveness of each essence.

        Step 4: Label the Dosage Bottle

        • Clearly label your dosage bottle with the name of all the Bush Essences contained in it for future reference. 

        Step 5: Optional Activating Methods:

        • Prayer or Invocation: Recite a prayer or invocation over the bottle to imbue it with positive energy.
        • Visualisation: Imagine the essence surrounded by white or gold light to enhance its vibrational frequency.
        • Sucussing: Lightly tap the bottle on your palm three to five times.

        Step 6: Use Affirmations (Optional)

        • Affirmations: As you take the Bush Essence, you can repeat positive affirmations to reinforce its effects.

        Final Tips

        • Store Properly: Keep your dosage bottle in a cool, dark place to preserve its integrity.
        • Crystals & Music: Can amplify the benefits of the essences.

        By following these steps, you'll create a powerful, dosage bottle ready to support your wellbeing.

        Alcohol-Free Alternatives for your Bush Essences

        While alcohol serves as a preservative in our products, we understand the desire for some to minimise alcohol intake. Here are some effective alternatives:

        1. Hot Water Method: Add the drops to hot water at tea-drinking temperature. This will evaporate the alcohol, leaving the essence intact.
        2. Colloidal Silver Substitute:Prepare your remedy using colloidal silver instead of brandy for a preservative-free option.
        3. Refrigeration Method:Add seven drops to purified water in a 15ml or 30ml bottle, store it in the fridge and use within two weeks.

        Additionally, the versatility of Bush Flower Essences also allows for topical use, applying drops on pulse points.

        Dosage Bottle Use

        Flower essences are taken from dosage bottles on rising and retiring by putting seven drops under the tongue or by adding the seven drops to water and are usually taken for a two to four week period.

        Stock essences can also be applied topically by adding them to lotions and salves, or to bath water (a very effective method.) If you wish to mix the Essences for an individual combination, we suggest that you use seven drops of stock of each Essence.

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