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Ian's September 2022 Newsletter

September 06, 2022
September is a great time to be in the bush in the Hawkesbury sandstone country -you’ll find the bush awash with pink, red, purple and yellow flowers.
Ian's September 2022 Newsletter

September is a great time to be in the bush in the Hawkesbury sandstone country,
which stretches from Newcastle in the north, down through Sydney and finishes
further south at Nowra. Driving this route from north to south during this month, which would take six hours, you’ll find the bush awash with pink, red, purple and yellow flowers. The scent of the Boronias, especially Sydney Rose, perfumes the air, while the native bees are buzzing and busy at work. This is my favourite period in Sydney to be in the bush.

This peak flowering time has a window of approximately 9 weeks, ranging from early August to early October, when every few weeks the bush changes with a new wave of flowers erupting. By mid-September, it seems like everything is coming out. You can now find Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Five Corners, Gymea Lily, Isopogon, Philotheca, Sydney Rose, Waratah and Wedding Bush all in flower.

There are however, in the Sydney bush, many flowering cycles throughout the year.
Starting the year in January, we have the last blooming of both Jacaranda and Illawarra Flame Tree. The city and suburbs are splashed with the beautiful lavender and red flowers from these two trees respectively. This time of year also sees our two banksias, Old Man Banksia and Banksia Robur coming into full flower. If you're out in the bush at this time, you will almost invariably discover the lush, sweet, honeyed-cinnamon scent of Dagger Hakea. Christmas Bell and Fringed Violet also are in full bloom at this time.

In the changeover from late summer to early autumn the colour of Peach-flowered Tea-tree, Crowea and Sunshine Wattle flowers dominate the landscape - and of course not forgetting Autumn Leaves! Though I'm not making this companion essence from flowers, rather just the leaves.

Typically, Wisteria, a beautiful climber, will bloom in early May, with sometimes a second flush in August. I make my essence from Wisteria Sinensis, which is originally from China. It twines anti-clockwise and is more vigorous than Wisteria Floribunda which is originally from Japan and twines clockwise.

The new ‘spring flowering’ actually commences in July - mid-winter, with the bursting blooms of Hibbertia, Slender Rice Flower, Red Grevillea and Boronia. This marks the beginning of the main flowering season, which continues until October. Boronia, with its intense scent is for me the smell of the bush. Walking along and brushing its leaves releases its powerful consuming scent - a key aspect of its Doctrine of Signatures. Hibbertia is currently having a wonderful season, with its yellow flowers dotted everywhere, I've never seen it so abundant. I'm very surprised that this essence is not used more widely. It has so many unique healing qualities. It can help a person find a nice balance from being overly strict and excessively self-disciplined to those who don't have a lot of willpower and can be very lazy. Hibbertia can also be used by people who are hypervigilant, due to past upsetting experiences.

It can also be used for those who devour information and philosophies but often without truly integrating it. In the positive mode these people will be accepting of themselves and their own innate knowledge and experiences. It is when you integrate the head and the heart that you obtain true wisdom. Hibbertia's final message, when it's flowers finish, is through the heart-shaped, yellow petals lying on the ground creating a carpet underneath the plant imploring you to connect to your heart and your own wisdom.

A small handful of the Bush Essences from the Sydney region can be seen in flower
throughout the whole year. This includes Black-eyed Susan, Bush Fuchsia, Dog Rose, Flannel Flower, Grey Spider Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Mountain Devil, She Oak and another companion essence, Lichen.

I hope you get the opportunity to see some of these flowers I've been mentioning in the bush, but don't worry if you can't, as many of these flowers are available as videos on our website.

As we move towards the equinox in a couple of weeks’ time and enter the new season, you may want to consider taking the Water Essence for at least a week, if you’re living in the southern hemisphere, to help align you to the spring. If you are living in the northern hemisphere, taking the Earth Essence will help align you to the autumn.

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