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Ian's August 2021 Newsletter

August 10, 2021
Here are my 12 essential tips to enhance your prescribing
Ian's August 2021 Newsletter
Below are my 12 essential tips to enhance your prescribing, your practice as well as your and your client's experience with the Bush Essences. These tips come from my first-hand experience as a practitioner for over 40 years and are relevant whether you wish to use the essences for your friends and family or as a professional healer.

Take a few deep breaths to ground and settle yourself. If you are feeling rushed, scattered or disorganised then take a dose of Calm & Clear. If you've just finished working with another client, then wash your hands to close yourself off energetically from them.

Energetically clean your room before a consultation. A great way is to spray the Space Clearing Mist around where you will do the session - especially if you share the space with other people or practitioners. You don't know what's going on in that space before you've arrived there. If it was a very intense session with your previous client with a lot of emotional catharsis or release, then again spray your space clearing before the new client arrives. Many younger people, especially those born this Millennium are exceptionally sensitive and will feel uncomfortable if there is this type of energy in the room. In numerology, any female with two or more twos in her birth date or a male with three or more will also be highly sensitive, a little bit like a psychic sponge they take on negative energies very readily. If you are especially sensitive you could take a dose of Fringed Violet before sessions or wear the Angel Pendant which contains Fringed Violet and Angelsword. I would also suggest that you place four bottles of Electro Essence in each corner of your clinic room especially now 5G is starting to be rolled out and there are many smart meters. To optimise the healing within your clinic you may want to play the White Light CD quietly on a loop. This will help relax and calm your clients as well as facilitating your healing to be more deeply received.

At the beginning of each session ask the client why they have come and what they want to achieve. As a healer, you might be able to diagnose and pick up on a number of problems that your client wasn’t aware of - but if you don't address what they have come in for they will be disappointed, no matter how brilliant your treatment may be. Once you have clarified what your client wants to achieve you can mention what you've noticed and suggest how you can work on that after you've cleared their original concern.

Keep a written record of your sessions, even if you are not a professional healer, do at least keep a few key points of the session as well as the essences you have prescribed. I have had patients come back for their second consultation saying nothing has changed - yet when I have gone through my notes and asked them about their headaches, for example, that they were getting every second day or their bloating and discomfort after eating, they've replied, 'Oh I haven't had that for a while now!' Once our problems go we tend to forget about them - which is a very healthy thing, however, it is also good to be able to point out things in fact had changed since their last session. If you struggle to take detailed notes, take a dose of Focus Remedy to aid clarity and focus.

Working with clients you get much better results if you're listening to, trusting and following your intuition. When I'm talking to a client and I get a sense of a remedy I jot it down at the bottom of the notes I'm taking. Almost invariably it will turn out to be appropriate in the treatment. If you get an intuitive sense to ask a question out of the blue, such as, “What is happening with your father?” trust it, even if logically you think that's a strange thing to ask them. Again, it's likely to unearth a very important aspect of why they've come. Bush Fuchsia is a great remedy to enhance your intuition if you feel you need a little boosting in this area.

Treat one key issue at a time - address the issue most bothering your client first. For example your client advises you 1. They are feeling jealous of their neighbours’ new car, 2. They are feeling shame because they've been laid off at their work and 3. They are concerned about being vague and spacy most of the time. Don't try to treat all of these problems in one bottle of essence. You will end up with a shotgun approach and won’t be overly effective in helping any of the issues. Ask your client which of these three things are bothering them the most and then address that issue first. Once you resolve the main issue you can address the next issue and so on. Often, when you clear the main issues some of the lesser ones resolve very quickly, sometimes even by themselves.

How many Bush essences can you put in the dose bottle? One woman at a workshop confessed that she put all 69 essences in a single dose bottle because she wanted to try them all before attending the workshop. She did survive! I recommend up to five essences in your dose bottle if you are addressing a single theme or symptom.

In our ready-to-take Remedy Essences (Woman Essence for example) we have more than five, as it is a generalised formula to suit many, as opposed to making up a remedy specifically for one person's individual needs.

From the very beginning of my work with the Bush Essences, I received in meditation the message to use seven drops of stock to make a dose bottle up to 30ml in size.

If there are three essences used in a dose bottle - place seven drops of each of the three essences into the dose bottle.
i.e. 21 drops of stock in total.

If there are three essences used in a 30+ ml dose bottle - place fourteen drops of each of the three essences into the dose bottle.
i.e. 42 drops of stock in total.

Our dose combination remedies contain 2/3 purified water and 1/3 Brandy. The latter is used as a preservative and will ensure your dose bottle has a three-year shelf life.

How long should you take the prescribed remedy? If the emotional issue hasn't been around very long, I would suggest taking the essence bottle for two weeks, then reassessing to see if it was resolved or if the essence needs to be continued. If the issue is chronic, then you may prescribe the remedy for a month and then reassess. As a guideline in naturopathy, I was taught for every year someone has had a problem you need to allow a month of treatment, - the Bush Essences will work quicker than that! The Bush Essences can be incredibly powerful and resolve very chronic problems in a short period of time. I recommend clients take seven drops of the dose bottle on rising and retiring – just twice a day.

The Bush Essences will become old friends that you know very well. It can be a bit daunting when you start with many thinking how will I ever remember all 69 Bush Essences! The first time you prescribe someone Dog Rose it stops being the name of a flower and you begin to associate the qualities of that essence with the personality of the person you prescribed it for. When you watch a movie try and determine what essences would be useful for the various characters. For example, classic fairy tales, are designed to teach children about different personality types. With Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, what essence would Grumpy be? He is a classic Black-eyed Susan and Sleepy is a typical Sundew. These are quick, easy and fun ways to learn the Bush Essences.

How to choose the essences to go into the dose bottle. You could use numerology, kinesiology, facial structure, the Insight cards etc, but I think the best way is to simply talk with your client and find out what's going on in their life - at home, work, in their relationships and what the most important thing is that they want to resolve. That will enable you to determine what to address, then it's only a matter of matching up the appropriate Bush Essences. While you are getting to know the Essences you can use the repertories at the back of my main two books, which list the appropriate essences for different problems.

If you're running late for your next client, give them the Insight Cards and ask them to choose the three flowers they are most attracted to. People are attracted to the essences that will help them. This will take 10 to 15 minutes, so they won't be annoyed that you are not on time and also provide you with some very useful information as to what's going on with them. This is also a very good practice to do with young children who may not be able to verbalise their problems to you.

Once a year take the Carers Essence for two weeks. This will serve as a little tap on the shoulder to make sure you are looking after your own needs not just your clients and help you set healthy boundaries. Take Abund Essence annually, as it will help clear any subconscious sabotage you may have around being successful in your practice.

Finally, especially if you are just starting off helping people with the Bush Essences, know that you will never attract anyone to you unless you can be of help to them and that you're the perfect person for them. The Bush Essences have been brought through by spirit to help humankind, so trust you know enough to use them for yourself and with your friends and family.

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