Certified Organic

Waratah Australian Bush Flower Essences

Our vision was to create not simply an exquisite certified organic skin and body care product range, but one that included the Australian Bush Flower Essences in order to nourish both the body and soul. The Bush Essences are derived from totally pristine physical and psychic environments throughout Australia and have a reputation, throughout the world, for being incredibly quick and deep acting. Our skin and body care range is totally unique being the only one in the world containing Australian Bush Flower Essences. These skin and body care products are certified by the Organic Food Chain, based in Australia, who also practise and support organic principles and sustainability.

Any product can claim to be organic with no organic ingredients at all. Whereas our skin and body care range are certified organic, which is the highest quality of skin care and which requires a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. Our products all contain a much higher level than that minimum percentage.