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Ian's March 2020 Newsletter

March 03, 2020
This newsletter focuses on what 2020 brings us to in terms of the numerology.
Ian's March 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to your March newsletter. Australia is an interesting country! Last month we were dealing with drought and fires and now it’s floods and violent storms. Interestingly the recent huge rain belt that we’ve experienced on the East Coast of Australia fell directly along the path line of the fires. Coincidence?

I have been overwhelmed by the response from people outside of Australia, as a result of the last month’s newsletter and our posts on Instagram, who have let me know that they are sending prayer, love and light as well as visualising rain falling on Australia. The good news is you can stop visualising rain falling on the east coast but please do continue to send it to the Centre where the drought is still prevalent.

Harnessing the Potential for 2020

This tremendous outpouring of love being directed at Australia nicely ties in the theme of this newsletter, which is focussing on what 2020 brings us to in terms of the numerology. If we add up the digits of 2020 it comes to four, so for the whole of this calendar year there is a ‘four’ vibration over the planet. Four also corresponds in the chakra system to the fourth chakra, which is the heart. Given that heart disease is still the major killer of people in most developed countries it’s very good timing. In this article I will focus on some of the main Essences, especially the Bush Essences, which have a profound action on the heart chakra. This month’s video is Rough Bluebell which grows in the Centre of Australia. I have often made this Essence up in the very physical and spiritual Centre of our country, around Kata Tjuta.

Some people are surprised to learn that this is a very strong heart-centred remedy as the negative aspect of this Essence addresses people who manipulate and exploit and they can be deliberately hurtful, cruel or malicious. Yet this Essence works strongly on the heart to bring about not only empathy – which is being aware of other people’s pain – but also the higher octave, that of compassion, which brings you an understanding of not only the pain, but why the person has the pain. When I was making the Essence, I received very strong guidance that I had to put the bowls of the Rough Bluebell mother tincture on top of a beautiful heart shaped rock.

If you get the opportunity try to track down and watch a movie starring George Clooney, which came out 12 or more years ago, entitled 'Up in the Air'. His character is a perfect embodiment of the Rough Bluebell who has no empathy for other people. His job entails travelling around the country to large corporations in the USA to inform staff that they have been retrenched. Many of the staff he informs are devastated by the news, breaking down crying, wondering how they and their family will be able to cope and survive. Their suffering doesn’t touch him. Nor does the anger that others respond with to the news.

About 3% of the population feel no empathy for others - what we could call a sociopath. Interestingly, a high percentage of these people end up as office managers! By and large these people usually have little problem with the law, however psychopaths have a similar lack of feeling for other people’s suffering which is why they are able to commit such cruel and heinous crimes. In one of our early newsletters we published an article by Yannis Varga, who was working as a psychotherapist in the NSW prison system. He was coming in contact with people who would not normally turn up at a Flower Essence practitioner for treatment!

Some even wrote letters of apology to these people. Psychiatry admits that it has nothing that can make any change or impression on these psychopaths, even though they know that they have a different and specific brain chemistry.

Other Bush Essences that have a strong action on the heart include Waratah, for that black night of the soul and which interestingly is the same size as the heart. It also provides ‘heart’ for someone who is in despair. Bluebell, a tiny flower from the Centre, is wonderful for opening up the heart and helping you get in touch with your feelings.

Flannel Flower is a little different as it helps you to express and verbalise those feelings, but you have to know what it is that you’re feeling first. If you are missing the number five in your birth date then there is a tendency not to be aware of what you are feeling and I always recommend Bluebell to address this aspect in a birth chart.

The most common theme with all the spiritual Essences in the White light, Light Frequency and Divine Presence Essences is the incredible amount of love present when these Essences were being created. The Water Essence, the first White Light Essence that I recommend a person takes, helps release old blocked-off emotions that have been buried for a very long time. Lake Baikal, in the Light Frequency Essences, is another one of my favourite remedies for the heart chakra whilst Isis is a pure love Essence, in fact her message as the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, is ‘give me your pain and suffering and I will give you love and courage.’

In numerology the number four, in the birth grid, is in the very centre of the physical plane and the quality of the four is a very practical, doing number. Missing the four in your chart can lead to impatience and a lack of foundation and practicality. Multiples of four in the birth chart can lead to an over emphasis in the physical and can lead to becoming a workaholic. Bush Iris is great to counter this tendency. Having multiples of 4 in your birth date highlights the need to rest and look after your body. Likewise, for the person who is what we term a ‘Ruling 4’.

If they add up to either 4, 13, 31 or 40, then we determine that person to be a Ruling Four. For example, someone born on 6.4.1965, their Ruling number is found by adding the numbers on their birth date ie 6+4+1+9+6+5 = 31. Ruling Numbers range from two to eleven but also include 22, 33 and 44. So for this person we need to break down 31 so it falls into the range of Ruling Numbers. We do this by breaking down 31 to 3+1, which then adds up to 4. So, this person is a Ruling Four.

In numerology there is a nine-year cycle where each year there is a special energy available to you which is referred to as a ‘Personal Year Number’. To determine yours, add the day and month of your birth date together with the current year. For example, if you were born on 6th March 1968 to determine your Personal Year Number add up all the numbers for the 6th March 2020, ie 6+3+2+0+2+0 which comes to 13. We need to break the personal year to a number between 1 and 9 so we would have 1 + 3 = 4. So, someone born on the 6th March 1968 would be in a Personal Year Number Four for all of 2020. Each year in the nine-year cycle there is a particular energy available to you and if you are aware of it and utilise it, it can really lead to an amazing year/life. When you are in a Four Year it is very much a time of consolidation, there is likely to be a lot of growth and change in the previous four years and now it’s time to integrate all of this. It can be a little frustrating as it’s not as exciting as the previous few years but it is equally important. During this year, if it is a personal year four, you need to really look after your body making sure you are getting plenty of sleep and rest. Calm & Clear Essence should be a regular remedy to be working with throughout these twelve months. Being physically active is always beneficial, but especially so in a Year 4. Flannel Flower is a great remedy for anyone who is a couch potato – helping them to want to use their body and express themselves physically. A Year Four is also a great time to look after yourself physically. So, bodywork for either relaxation or healing problems is highly recommended. Flannel Flower will also help people who are uncomfortable with both touch and physical intimacy, which may include being massaged.

So far we have looked at the energy of the four in relation to 2020, however if we look at the individual numbers of this year, the two represents intuition co-operation and sensitivity and there are two twos in this year’s date. Bush Fuchsia is the remedy to enhance intuition, whilst Slender Rice Flower engenders greater cooperation between people. For individuals overly sensitive Fringed Violet is fantastic. Also, in 2020 there are two zeroes and zero in the system of numerology I use represents spiritual potential – which may or may not be activated. Certainly working with the three spiritual ranges, White Light Essences, Light Frequency Essences and Divine Presence will greatly help to activate this potential.

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