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Ian's November 2019 Newsletter

November 12, 2019
I’m very excited to announce the official launch of the new design and packaging for our Remedy Essences (Combinations), Oral Sprays, Therapeutic Creams and Space Mists.
Ian's November 2019 Newsletter
Introducing our new, refreshed look

I’m very excited to announce the official launch of the new design and packaging for our Remedy Essences (Combinations), Oral Sprays, Therapeutic Creams and Space Mists.

Basically, there had been no changes to these products for over a decade and especially with the therapeutic creams the packaging was looking jaded, outmoded and not doing justice to the product. We have simply freshened up their presentation to more adequately reflect these product’s incredible healing capabilities. As you scroll down you will be able to see their new look. The feedback both here and overseas has already been extremely positive.

You will notice that the Creams have been repositioned back into their original category as Therapeutic Creams, which was why they were created and which still remains their focus today. They are still fantastic moisturisers containing endemic Australian plants such as kangaroo apple, quandong & emu bush extract; traditional botanicals including arnica and echinacea; plant butters; exquisite essential oils and of course, most importantly, the Australian Bush Flower Essences. These truly unique formulations work not only on a physical level but on a deep emotional and spiritual level as well. All of our therapeutic creams – along with the Skin & Space Mists – are certified organic.

I can also certainly assure you that there has been absolutely no change to any of our formulations. 

Our organic Skin & Space Mists and Creams – and of course all the Bush Essences – have been developed with sustainable principles, for both the individual and the planet. They are also made with great respect, integrity and cooperation with the land and the environment, for everyone who will be using them.

You will also start to see some changes on our Instagram account as we fully roll out our new look and feel.

There has been a lot of media coverage in the last week on Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), with estimates that 1-2 % of the population suffer from it.

In this condition individuals overly focus on perceived physical flaws, often becoming obsessed with them; believing people are looking at and judging their perceived flaws; they can have a dislike, even disgust, for aspects of their body; are overly critical of their appearance, all of which can lead to low self-worth which in turn can lead to social isolation. In the extreme end of this spectrum, there is a delusional state where a person with a well-developed body (usually after many sessions in the gym) sees themselves as frail and puny. In this regard there is a similarity to anorexia where a person, almost skeletal, can perceive themselves as being grossly overweight and obese. BDD is estimated to affect over 250,000 Australians. If you then add in all the people who dislike, feel ashamed or embarrassed about their body, then you have a figure well in to the millions in this country alone.

In our ABFE Skincare Creams and Space Mists we have included Bush Essences to address these aspects along with self-nurturing and finding delight and acceptance in your body – enjoying moving it and being physically active. The Australian Bush Flower Essences are only found in our skincare range and related products. Our products are certified organic and very luxurious exquisite products with that unique defining feature of also having the Bush Essences in them. As a company we’ve also been focussed on the whole person and this is reflected in our formulations and quality of ingredients, which have brought about profound skin health and emotional wellbeing.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time and effort to record your successful case histories using any of our Australian Bush Flower Essences products and sending them in to us. These are shared in our newsletter and Teacher Updates to assist others to treat those in need, as well as being used for our own Australian Bush Flower Essences research. Please keep sending them in! You can email them to: info@ausflowers.com.au

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