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Ian's October 2020 Newsletter

October 13, 2020
In last month's newsletter I wrote about people going into Aged Care and retirement villages. Today I'm going to discuss hospitalisation 
Ian's October 2020 Newsletter
In last month's newsletter I wrote about people going into Aged Care and retirement villages. Today I'm going to discuss hospitalisation and there is certainly some overlap between the two, as we often require more medical attention, care and hospitalisation as we grow older. I first covered this topic in my newsletter eight years ago and it has never seemed more relevant.

Many people commence life in hospital and it seems strange that our first experience of life in the world should be in such a psychically heavy, cold and intimidating structure. In a recent trip to the Kimberleys, I was discussing the healing qualities of Boab with an Aboriginal ranger who told me that both her uncle and father were born under a Boab tree in Broome. In fact, her grandmother gave birth to her uncle at the exact moment the Japanese air force were bombing Broome and she point blankly refused to move to a more sheltered area, stating that the Boab was where she was going to give birth.

In Australia, incredibly high insurance premiums have forced out the majority of home birth midwives and consequently most mothers are delivering in hospitals or birthing centres. I highly recommend the spraying of Space Clearing mist around the room where a birth is planned. You could easily imagine the psychic energy present in the room if there had recently been a medical emergency with a previous birth. There would be the concern and urgency of staff plus a great deal of raw emotion – grief - fear - anger etc. - not to mention the shock that those parents would have experienced. Definitely not the type of environment you would want a newborn coming into. A woman in labour can benefit from a number of Bush Essences, depending on the circumstances of the birth. Obviously Emergency Essence is one of the main Essences to have on hand and can be applied orally as often as needed. Dynamis Essence can be used for any loss of drive and will centre and harmonise her vital forces and assist her to keep going. Bottlebrush, either alone or in one of the combinations, will help the bonding between the mother and her baby. This natural bonding is severely impacted and can take many years even decades, to fully establish if the baby is not able to go on the breast within the first six hours of the birth. Bottlebrush is also very good for the mother as she embarks upon this major life change, and especially so if it is her first child. This Essence will allow her to move through the change and help assist her with any associated overwhelm.

Some new mothers place drops of Boab on their breast straight after the birth so that the baby, when it is first breast-fed, gets not only colostrum, but also the opportunity to help release old negative emotional family patterns. Another very beneficial thing parents can do for their child straight after the birth is to put Fringed Violet on their fingers and make a cross over their baby’s anterior fontanel, or baby’s soft spot. This will close down the baby’s wide-open aura which otherwise would stay open for six weeks. This is why some cultures do not take the baby out of the house or allow other people contact with the baby during this time. Today there is so much negative energy in the astral plane it is much better to close their aura immediately. I would give Fringed Violet or Emergency Essence (which contains Fringed Violet) straight away if the baby has experienced a traumatic birth.

In my book, Happy Healthy Kids, I have a chapter entitled ‘Pregnancy and Your Baby’s Birth’ where I list the common emotional impact on an individual resulting from various difficult birth scenarios such as breech, forceps etc. Below is an extract from my book about the impact of a caesarean birth.

Caesarean birth
“With a caesarean, not only is there the surgical intervention, but also the anaesthetic that passes through to the baby. These children are not directly involved in the birth process; external forces are acting upon them. A caesarean-delivered child may always want to be in control. Hibbertia will help settle such children. Or they might be the ones who like to jump in and take charge of situations - if you find this to be a problem, use Gymea Lily. Because they have not gone through the birth canal, caesarean-born children can often have a strong craving for physical touching and for a lot of affection. Flannel Flower, in the Relationship Essence, will help address this. These children may find it difficult to make decisions because the birth decision was made by someone else. The remedy Paw Paw, found in Cognis Essence, will help a child who feels overwhelmed and can’t make up his mind. Caesarean babies can have a hard time completing things because they didn’t have a ‘complete’ birth (ie it was done for them) so the remedy Jacaranda, in the Cognis Essence, will help them to finish what they start.”

In my Women’s workshop I taught in Brazil I was totally shocked to hear that about 90% of the births there are caesarean! It’s the norm.

Anyone entering hospital for surgery, whether a child or someone over 100, is likely to experience many similar emotions. Most will be very anxious - some will be frightened. I knew one man who had to have heart surgery and was only given a 50/50 chance of surviving the operation. I remember when I had knee surgery after a skiing accident, how anxious I felt about what would be done while I was under anaesthetic. I could not even comprehend what it would have been like for this man knowing he may never experience life again once the anaesthetic had been administered. I always recommend someone going in for surgery to start on Emergency Essence three days prior and for at least two weeks after the operation. Slender Rice Flower should be added to the Emergency Essence as it will help to reinstate the full energetic flow along any meridian that has been cut by the surgery. In the case of a woman having a caesarean, the incision will typically cut through five of the fourteen meridians in her body!

I have lectured to staff in a teaching hospital in Boston, USA, where they pioneered saying affirmations during the surgery. Whenever there is a loss of consciousness, be it from trauma, anaesthetic, or even being blind drunk, your aura is opened and your energy can drain out and you feel quite flat - and other energies can come in – not a good situation! Fringed Violet will help heal and seal the aura. Also, when the aura is open, your subconscious is very susceptible. If the surgeon was to make disparaging remarks about you or be pessimistic about your chance of survival or recovery, then this will go straight into your psyche. On the other hand, very positive comments or affirmations will also go straight into the psyche and this can be used to enhance healing and recovery. So, in this hospital one of the operating theatre team would repeat affirmations out aloud for the patient, often these would be written on the operating gowns of the medical staff.

Some hospitals have a very high incidence of golden staph also known as MRSSA. If a patient contracts this they often end up being stuck in hospital for many extra weeks. Red Grevillea can help address that sense of feeling stuck while Wild Potato Bush can be used for anyone experiencing frustration of physical limitation and restriction as a result of surgery, accident or illness. I worked in a men’s quadriplegic nursing home when I was a student and one of the men would often be called to go to the spinal unit of Sydney hospitals to counsel if someone had just been brought in who had just been made a quadriplegic after an accident. Often these new quadriplegic patients and in fact many new patients would be full of self-pity, shock, denial and blame. Southern Cross, Fringed Violet, Sundew and Dagger Hakea will help these initial feelings, although Wild Potato Bush would be used on a regular basis.

Anyone entering hospital as a result of an accident can take Emergency Essence to help with any emotional trauma or upset. It has a very calming effect during a crisis. They could also be given Abund Essence for any unexpected and unanticipated hospital, medical or ambulance costs!

Wishing you a very healthy life and one free of hospitalisation!

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