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Ian's November 2020 Newsletter

November 10, 2020
When I first started incorporating kinesiology into my work 35 years ago it totally transformed my practice 
Ian's November 2020 Newsletter
When I first started incorporating kinesiology into my work 35 years ago it totally transformed my practice and it has continued to be a major beneficial catalyst for my work with the Bush Essences ever since.

This was a far cry from my first introduction to kinesiology, which was a lunchtime demonstration when I was at naturopathic college. I was left totally underwhelmed by the experience and never gave it another thought until I was literally blown away when seeing how Glynn Braddy used it and realised what an incredible tool it was.

In Numerology, I’m both a Ruling and Day 4, which those of you who have been studying this topic with me will realise indicates someone who likes to use their hands and for whom touch is important. When I initially started out as a naturopath I was predominantly a homoeopath though I also did massage. I really liked having a hands-on connection with my patients, but from a time point of view, they were mutually exclusive - I wasn’t able to do both in a session. However, with kinesiology, I could incorporate this physical aspect through the muscle testing yet still have time to reprioritise.

Kinesiology is a nice synthesis of western and eastern medicine. It is a modality that was developed by chiropractors in the United States - the grandfather of whom is George Goodheart.

Prior to the early 1970s kinesiology was a closely guarded system by chiropractors. They were the only ones trained in it and wished to keep it like that. In 1973 one very brave chiropractor, Dr John F. Thie, DC (1933-2005) decided that kinesiology was such a wonderful beneficial healing tool that it should be made available to everyone, not just chiropractors. He was severely ostracised by his peers for going down this path. But he was passionate about sharing kinesiology with everyone. He developed a system of kinesiology and a manual called Touch for Health. This launched a worldwide movement in a holistic approach to health which brings about the restoring of our natural energies using acupressure, touch and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

Touch For Health combines various principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with more orthodox techniques. It uses muscle testing or monitoring to assess energy and body function before applying a range of gentle, yet powerful, healing techniques to improve health, well-being and vitality. Muscle testing or monitoring is an important tool in kinesiology as it is used to diagnose and heal any bodily imbalances that may have possibly occurred due to stress, nutrition, allergies, injuries, or learning problems and aims to restore the human body to its natural state of health.

I loved the fact that you only need your hands to do kinesiology. Down the track governments may make laws banning herbs, vitamins, homoeopathics etc. Yet it would be very hard for them to stop people using their hands to heal. I had just started launching the Australian Bush Flower Essences when I first started studying with Glynn Braddy. And I appreciated as a presenter, how effective it was when Glynn used kinesiology to show a before and after effect. This is something I have incorporated into my own workshops from the very beginning. It’s all very well for me to say a Bush Essence does such and such at a workshop but when I can demonstrate with kinesiology what an Essence can do almost immediately, people really do get the healing power of that Essence and its capability.

Glynn introduced me to Dr Bruce Dewe, a New Zealand cardiologist and kinesiologist. I studied kinesiology with Dr Dewe for a number of years. During this time I also became a Touch For Health instructor and took great delight in training people how to use kinesiology. In 1990 I attended the first of many international Touch For Health conferences in San Diego, where I would present the Bush Essences in context with kinesiology. There were hundreds of kinesiologists from all over the world and many of them became my distributor in their home country as well as workshop organisers for me in Australia. So many of the kinesiologists I met both abroad and in Australia were the crème de la crème of kinesiologists and provided me with amazing insights in to the healing qualities of the Bush Essences that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve always claimed that the information I bought down about each of the Bush Essences was akin to a rough diamond and that as people started working with the Essences the diamond would be polished smooth and new insights emerge. The kinesiologists have certainly been at the forefront of this.

The basic 14 muscle test is fundamental to Touch For Health. The premise here is that certain muscles correspond to glands, organs and the nervous system and that you can determine the wellbeing of the latter through muscle testing of the specific muscle that relates to it. If you’re feeling out of balance or not great, having the 14 muscle balance can really pick you up. A dose of Crowea will do the same correction as this muscle test and it’s a lot quicker. But there is something nice about someone touching you when performing the 14 muscle test. Jane and I regularly give each other a 14 muscle balance especially if the other is out-of-sorts. We could just give each other a dose of Crowea but it’s nice to have the hands-on healing. Crowea is the most widely used of all the single Essences and is in so many of our combination remedies – Boost, Calm & Clear, Carers, Creative, Dynamis, Electro, Emergency, Travel and Woman.

Many years ago I had to make the hard decision to stop seeing patients on a fulltime basis. It was something that I loved doing but there wasn’t enough time to do this as well as travelling overseas and throughout Australia making the Essences and teaching. As there was far less flexibility time-wise with patient’s appointments this was the one that I needed to let go of. As a consequence I decided to incorporate all the tools I found most effective when working with my patients either in to my existing workshops or create a brand new one built around that topic. My kinesiology and numerology workshops are examples of this.

What I would have to say is, that kinesiology is one of the most popular of my workshops worldwide and where I teach many of the kinesiology demonstrations that I incorporate in my workshops. The first session is based on learning how to muscle test – that’s the foundation and once you know how to do that a myriad of doors open up. For example, in my Kinesiology & ABFE workshop you learn how to:

Muscle test and do surrogate testing
Release fears and phobias
Protect yourself from electro-magnetic radiation
Enhance your digestive and lymphatic systems
Clear dyslexia and other learning problems
Choose Bush Essences with Kinesiology
Perform the Tibetan Energy Technique to ease pain
Identity and defuse sabotage programs
Clear holes in the aura and strengthen your psychic protection
Understand personality through facial structure
Resolve T.M.J. problems

The workshop is not just for people new to kinesiology as there is plenty of exciting new material for those who already know how to muscle test. In the first session when people are learning to muscle test we move around and practise on each other. And it’s great to have experienced kinesiologists to practise with who can pass on some good tips and advice. The whole two days is very practical. I’m very lucky to often have my wife Jane at these workshops helping me go around the group checking that everyone is doing it correctly and answering any questions.  Hopefully next year I will be able to resume my normal Australian and overseas teaching schedule and bring this workshop to more people as unfortunately, it’s not one that can be taught online.

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