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Ian's February 2022 Newsletter

February 15, 2022
The energy of a Year 6 is all about relationships and creativity. I'll be focusing on the former in this newsletter.
Ian's February 2022 Newsletter

For all of 2022 everyone on the planet will be in a Universal Year six. This is determined by adding up the numbers in the current year. Thus 2022 becomes 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 which equals 6. The energy of a six year is all about relationships and creativity. I'll be focusing on the former in this newsletter.

For many of you reading this you will have received it on the 14th of February, Valentine's Day. This day of declaring love was even celebrated right back as far as the Roman era and is now celebrated worldwide by millions of lovers and admirers.

However, there are many types of relationships, and not just intimate ones, nor just between people. Relationship is defined as a state of being connected. We can have relationships or connection with nature; locations; work; money; as well as with ourselves and with our own spirituality.

Relationships are an essential part of our being. It is by that daily interacting, confronting and communicating with others and other things, and our reactions to this, that we develop a sense of our own identity.

For children, two of our combination remedies, the Confid and Relationship Essences will help with many of the challenges they may have in the relationships they have with the people around them. The most important early relationships are with their mother and father. Bottlebrush strengthens the bond between a mother and a child, whilst Red Helmet Orchid Essence does likewise for the bond between a child and their father. Both essences are in the Relationship remedy.

Red Suva Frangipani is also in this combination and addresses the emotional upset and rawness of a relationship ending. This could be divorce between their parents or even a death. For a child, the first time they encounter death can be very upsetting and disturbing. Prior to this a child will usually have a sense that everything will stay the same and that everyone will always be in their life forever. So, the loss of a pet or a grandparent can spark dark thoughts such as they themselves may not wake up when they go to sleep at night, or that maybe their mummy or daddy might suddenly be taken from them. Bush Iris will help with these thoughts. If the sorrow continues for an overly long time, Sturt Desert Pea would be indicated
Confid Essence will help a child who is shy or lacking confidence to both speak up and express themselves as well as being more comfortable interacting with others.

By the time the child comes a late tween or teenager the combination remedy Adol Essence will be very relevant and beneficial. It has Flannel Flower to help communicating expressing feelings - something that is often lost for several years with teenage boys! It also has Sturt Desert Rose, which can help a teenager with their integrity and being true to themselves. Peer pressure at this age is incredibly strong and many teenagers would prefer doing something they don't want to do rather than saying no and risking exclusion from their friends.

Kangaroo Paw was added to this blend to help the teenager who is socially awkward and inappropriate, not knowing how to properly interact with others. The teenagers needing this essence are often quite self-centred and overly focused on themselves, which leads them to miss picking up the cues from how others are behaving in social situations. The positive of this essence is to have more savoir faire; being relaxed; able to make friends and enjoy other people more easily.
Relationship Essence was primarily created for people in intimate relationships. Essences we've already discussed from this combination regarding children still hold for adults, but now there is another level to these essences. You could still use Bottlebrush and Red Helmet Orchid to address the relationships between a child and both the mother and the father respectively. But now importantly as an adult, a man with unresolved mother issues is likely to attract a partner with similar issues, or he will project these unresolved issues onto his partner. Likewise for the female and her relationship with her father.

After initial dating if a couple decide on monogamy Wedding Bush can help them with honouring this commitment. Of course, this essence can also be used for any commitment or requirement in a relationship, such as stopping drugs or excessive alcohol; addressing addiction or anger issues; expressing feelings.

Bush Gardenia was included in this combination to address the taking for granted of a partner when they have been together for some time. This essence is also for when there is a boredom or lack of interest, especially sexually, with their partner. Sexuality can be the finest expression of love. It breaks down personal boundaries, opens each partner to vulnerability and intimacy in a way that is unique. However, familiarity and other aspects of day to day living, can push sexuality aside. Bush Gardenia can help a couple prioritise intimacy, which is most imperative in a relationship to stay feeling connected. If intimacy is lacking in a relationship, it is common that the connection will be weaker. Over time the focus on intimacy can often move to work, money, family and other activities and sex will often slip down the list of priorities. The presence of children in the house results in lack of time alone together and can get in the way of easy sexual intimacy.

Flannel Flower was added to the Relationship Essence to enhance physical and emotional intimacy. It helps you in expressing your feelings to your partner. Hearing what your partner feels towards you is very affirming in a relationship. Acknowledging and complimenting your partner and telling them how much they mean to you and what you are grateful for in your relationship will deepen your connection with each other. As will being romantic and affectionate, which can be something so simple as a warm embrace, a gentle kiss or a back or foot massage. Displaying affection will connect two people.

Dagger Hakea is also in this combination as it helps to release old resentments that are still being held onto. Such resentments will only fester and poison the relationship– and will certainly be a passion – and relationship killer.

Being physically jaded, fear of rejection, lack of self-confidence, boredom can all play their part as passion killers too. Essences such as, Dynamis, & Confid Essences Combinations will all be of great help with these aspects. Shame, guilt and the past negative sexual experiences can also fall into this category of intimacy and passion killing. The wonderful remedy, Sexuality Essence will address these issues.

Don't forget to use the Sensuality Skin and Space Mist. Simply spray into the air in the room where you are or will be. It encourages the ability to enjoy emotional intimacy, ease with your sexual expression, passion and sensual pleasure.

There is so much more I could say on relationships, there might need to be a part two at some future time. However, for the moment, I'm wishing you a very wonderful relationship with yourself and all the important people in your life.

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