Our Master Practitioners

Sydney Rose

The Master Practitioners listed have completed extensive training and workshops with Ian White and have demonstrated a deep understanding of the Australian Bush Flower Essences and how to apply them over many years of prescribing. We are happy to provide their contact details for ABFE consultations.


Jennifer Holland – Norfolk, England

Phone: +44 1953 452286

Email: jhtherapy@btinternet.com

 “I work from my home in Norfolk, England primarily with the Australian Bush Flower Essences and the Bowen Technique.

I really enjoy working with the Australian Bush Flower Essences and love the gentle and yet powerful way that they help and support people in so many different ways.”

Liliane Furrer – Switzerland

Phone: +41 44 932 38 88

Website: www.praxis-angel.ch

Email: info@praxis-angel.ch

 “I’ve had my own practice in Wetzikon for many years. I work with the Australian Bush Flowers, hypnosis, regression, body candles, advise and coach people and give various seminars.

When I became aware of the Australian Bush Flowers a few years ago and trained as a therapist, I quickly realised how wonderfully the Flower Essences work. They’ve changed my life and the lives of many of my clients for the better. Today I can no longer imagine being without them. I would love to make the Australian Bush Flowers available to as many people and animals as possible.”  

Deb Sharpe – VIC, Australia

Phone: 0421 519 195

Website: www.reminessence.net
Email address: deb@reminessence.net

Deb Sharpe is an ABFE Certified Master Practitioner and Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner located in Ocean Grove, Victoria. She comesfrom a 40-year background in nursing which has embraced care for both the elderly and the young. Time in correctional nursing and the AOD (alcohol & other drugs)field allowed her to maintain a non-judgmental, unbiased client-centred approach which she holds true within her home-based business-Reminessence Natural Therapies. Her passion is to help others to help themselves and find their own inner sense of peace and personal power-working towards heart-mind connection, physical wellness, and spiritual awareness.