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The Animal Correspondence Course deals with the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences for...


The Animal Correspondence Course deals with the use of Australian Bush Flower Essences for Animals, is self-tutoring and is arranged in nine modules. The material is presented in an easy-to-read format with illustrations.
There are self-testing questions and exercises in each module to help absorb and apply the information being presented, and recommended extra reading. At the back of the course notes is a section with suggested answers to the questions in the course exercises, as well as possible ways of dealing with sample cases and other scenarios presented in the course material. Assessment will be based on final revision questions and two real case histories.
This course is designed to fulfil the needs of those who are new to the Essences and wish to acquire a basic knowledge and understanding of them, and of vibrational medicine generally. It is also a valuable educational tool for those who wish to extend their expertise in these areas. It will help a person to acquire skills in assessing and prescribing Bush Essences for animals. It also extends basic knowledge and understanding of animal health, psychology, communication, behaviour and the relationship between animals, and between humans and animals.
The course material predominantly concentrates on the most common pet animals - dogs, cats, horses and birds. The primary aim is to ensure that, on completion of this course, the student will have achieved a good basic knowledge of the Bush Essences and a comfortable competency level using the Essences with animals in a wide range of situations.

Please note:
The book you will require to complete the course is: "Animal Healing with Australian Bush Flower Essences" by Marie Matthews. This book does not come as part of the course, therefore we advise if you do not presently have it you might like to consider adding it to your order.

When I read Marie Matthews’ Animal Correspondence Course (ACC) I was filled with tremendous excitement and great respect for what she had written. I learnt so much about animals, their behaviour and psychology as well as so many new applications for utilising the Bush Essences. I kept thinking this is so wonderful and it is going to be such a great benefit to everyone who reads this Animal Correspondence Course. I have known Marie for over 20 years. During that time she greatly helped me on my Bush Flower Healing book. Marie was our first tutor for the Bush Essence Correspondence Course and was the Editor of our Newsletter for many years. She has tremendous insight and knowledge about the Essences and how to work with them, all of which is so apparent on every page of the Animal Correspondence Course. I highly recommend it to you.

Ian White

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Animal Correspondence Course Animal Correspondence Course
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Animal Correspondence Course Animal Correspondence Course

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