Waratah Australian Bush Flower Essences

Selling Our Essences

    • • When making “practitioner only” essences (i.e. essences made for a particular client after consultation), please use our blank labels or include a copyright statement “Flower essences supplied by Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.”

    • • We are not a supplier of raw materials/ingredients for others to manufacture their own products from. Our ethical products/essences are our intellectual property and as a matter of policy we do pursue any unauthorised misuse.

Using Our Logo

    • • Approval for the use of our logo can be extended to professionals by application. Please email to request permission to reproduce our logo at; marketing@ausflowers.com.au

    • • We of course ask that the use of our logo does not imply company representation, but rather a professional association with our company. It is conditional upon use of our logo that it is used in a manner that represents Australian Bush Flower Essences - the brand, its products and services. It is a trademark and contains copyrights with all rights reserved to Australian Bush Flower Essences.

    • • We always ask to view and approve draft artwork and in many circumstances have useful suggestions for improvement.

    • • We ask that all applications are used by applying the whole logo and not separated to use its individual components.

Using Our Intellectual Property (Wording or Photographs/Images)

    • • We have a standard three-point request for usage of our property.

    1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – we request that an acknowledgement is placed within the context of usage (i.e. where it applies) reading “This image [or text] supplied courtesy of Australian Bush Flower Essences, all rights reserved.”

      1. 2. APPROVAL – You forward to us at marketing@ausflowers.com.au, initial proofs of your final (web page, book, advertisement, label etc) for approval, and we will respond as quickly as possible with our approval in writing or feedback.

        1. 3. USE - The images supplied are for the use of (your website, book, whatever) only, and may not be reproduced for any other purpose other than the drafts which have been approved.

          1. • If you use your own wording about our essences, please do still comply with the other requests above.