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Ian's December 2020 Newsletter

November 10, 2020
Wow! What a doozy this year has been!
Ian's December 2020 Newsletter

Wow! What a doozy this year has been!

Here in Australia the New Year was ushered in with billowing smoke affecting every capital city in Australia and just about most regions, all stemming from the horrendous bush fires that seemed to be burning up the whole country. By the time the last fires were mere embers, we had lost over 3 billion animals, 75 human lives and over 3000 buildings and homes. The full long-term consequences won’t be known for years but are already massive and mounting; plant and animal extinction, unemployment, trauma and ongoing anxiety in the face of the power of nature to name but a few. Following quickly on the heels of the bush fires was Covid_19 and the massive disruption to everyone’s world.

Of course, a silver lining always accompanies dark clouds.

2020 is a universal Year Four in Numerology. Four is all about consolidation and slowing down, looking after and nurturing oneself on a physical level. With lockdown, travel restrictions and working from home, so many people were able to slow down and have more time for themselves. Ironically, this has led to many people experiencing better physical health. Regular hand washing and low pollution levels due to the less car and plane travel, the curtailment of many industries has led to an all-time modern-day low pollution levels. Gaia was given a breathing space! People in India could, for the first time in many decades, see the Himalayan mountains. Animals, birds and fish were observed in areas where they hadn’t been seen for years. People found themselves travelling at a less hectic pace, the perfect prescription in a Year 4. They were working at home and not caught up travelling on busy roads or squeezed on to busy public transport. There was more family time. It was also a good litmus test for many relationships, with couples spending far more time together. So, not surprisingly, on one hand we had a real spike in divorce and separation and the unpleasant news of a distinct rise in domestic violence. Fortunately, this was countered by other relationships being strengthened helped by a less hectic pace of life and more quality time with each other. Many older people experienced greater contact and care from neighbours and immediate family.

In response to all this, we released two new combination remedies, Boost and Carers. These were our first new combinations for just on 25 years! Shortly afterwards we also released Men's Essence.

2021 is a universal year five which is all about personal freedom –something that is likely to be challenged by the looming prospect of mandatory vaccination! It’s also a year where people like to have time alone and also be in nature. This might lead to a great deal of frustration with so many travel restrictions and lockdowns still in place. Wild Potato Bush can help with the sense of frustration as too can Red Grevillea where you know what you want but can’t work out how to achieve it. Of course, a very simple way to connect to nature if you’re not able to access it directly is the Devic Essence in White Light Essences range.

The majority of you reading this update will be in the Southern hemisphere and heading into summer. Here in Australia, it’s just been announced that November was the hottest November ever. It seems we can expect similar scenarios throughout the summer with probable soaring temperatures.

Solaris might be a nice Essence to gift yourself or loved ones this Christmas as it greatly relieves emotional discomfort arising from heat, fire, and sun. It is an excellent remedy to have handy during summer and prolonged exposure to the sun.

Whether it’s summer holidays or just having more time as a result of restrictions and lockdowns it again is going to be an opportunity for further learning and education. We have run three very well-attended online courses this year – the first time we have offered the Level 1, Numerology and White Light Essences online. These courses and more are all available to purchase and do at your own speed and in the comfort of your own home.

The same too for our Correspondence Course which can be studied at home with no time limit for completion. It explores the Bush Essences at an extraordinary depth with material that has never been presented before in any of our workshops. It contains 10 study modules representing 60 hours of self-tuition and up to 3 hours of direct contact with your tutor including assessment and comprehensive feedback.

To start the New Year I would recommend a good spraying in every room of the Space Clearing Mist to really energetically clear any negative residue from 2020-or earlier. I would also suggest the Electro Pendant and putting a bottle of Electro in the four corners of your house. Who knows when 5G might be unleashed on us!

Many people take the opportunity at the beginning of the New Year to do a good cleansing detox. The Purifying Essence is a great great way to clear emotional baggage. One of the other aspects of a Year Five is that it is a great time to sort through and resolve family and unresolved emotional issues. In Numerology, five is the centre of the emotional plane and just about any of the Bush Essences will be beneficial this year. Though especially the Relationship Essence which works on the relationship we have with both our mothers and fathers, as well as old resentment, blocked and held-in feelings

To start the year on a very positive and optimistic note you could also consider a couple of weeks on Sunshine Wattle.

I hope some of these suggestions are of interest and benefit to you and I wish you a very happy, enjoyable, peaceful and safe festive season and New Year. I look forward to sharing my next newsletter with you on the first Monday of February 2021.

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