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Discover a deeper connection with your sensual and passionate self with the Heartfelt Gift Set....

Discover a deeper connection with your sensual and passionate self with the Heartfelt Gift Set. This thoughtfully curated collection includes our Sensuality Essence Space Mist, Sensuality Essential Oil Roll-On, our Passionate Heart Pendant and the Dreamlines album in a digital download, elegantly presented in a reusable jute bag.

The Heartfelt Gift Set Includes:

Sensuality Essential Oil Roll-On, 10ml
  • Our Sensuality Essence nurtures emotional intimacy, cultivating trust and profound connections. The Sensuality Essential Oil Roll-On, boasting an exquisite scent, provides a sensory journey, offering relaxation when applied to pulse points.

Sensuality Essence Space Mist, 50ml
  • Elevate your environment and emotional wellbeing with the Sensuality Organic Space Mist, harmoniously combining our Sensuality Essence and Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils for a luxurious mist that strengthens emotional intimacy and helps create a sense of trust and connection.

Passionate Heart Pendant
  • The Passionate Heart Pendant, a hand-blown art piece in medical-grade red-tinted glass, radiates with essences of Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Wedding Bush, and Wisteria, rekindling passion and fostering emotional and physical intimacy.

Dreamlines (Digital Download)
  • The Dreamlines digital album, featuring enchanting violin and harp compositions, creates tranquility and inner peace.

This gift set is perfect for sharing with loved ones, offering a journey to deeper connections and inner serenity this holiday season.


Vibrational infusions of the flowers above, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system.

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Heartfelt Gift Set Heartfelt Gift Set
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Heartfelt Gift Set Heartfelt Gift Set

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