Practitioner Mentoring Program

Ian White & Dr. Niikee Schoendorfer · 12 August - 30 September, 2024

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Unlock new depths of your practice with the Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner Mentoring...

About The Workshop

Unlock new depths of your practice with the Australian Bush Flower Essences Practitioner Mentoring Program. This exclusive 8-week online interactive course is designed for those who have previously attended our workshops or courses and have a deep desire to enhance their practical skills. Join Ian White and Dr. Niikee Schoendorfer for an engaging mix of theoretical knowledge and real-time clinical application.

Whether you are a professionally qualified health practitioner or wish to share your love for the essences even more broadly, this course will benefit you and your service. Many know they have come here to be of service, though they can be limited by their own beliefs of what is possible for them. 

The Curriculum:

  • Energetics and Creating Sacred Safe Space for Clients: Learn to cultivate internal and external harmony, understand the nervous system and harness the practical benefits of guiding your clients through conscious breath work.

  • Case Taking and Opening Subconscious Exploration: Master basic exploratory questioning; ensure safety and ethical practice; and guide grounding journeys and practice open questioning techniques.

  • Techniques for Selecting Remedies and Prescribing: Explore methods including numerology, kinesiology and archetypes, the Closed-Eye Process and master the practice of heart connection and frequency dynamics during your client sessions; how to observe and interpret verbal and non verbal clues from your client; how to create a dose bottle and determine how long it should be taken; determining when to re-schedule a follow up session

  • Deep Dive into Flower Energetics: Deepen your understanding of the unique energetics of specific flowers, utilise the doctrine of signatures and methods to deepen your intuitive connection on interesting cases.

  • Interpreting the Body’s Emotional Language: Utilise the wisdom of Ayurveda and the energy centres; work with the elements and examine energetic imprints of disease through detailed case studies.

  • Understanding Body Signals: Delve into TCM emotional energetics, cycles and co-cycles; support conscious evolution through guided processes and partner practice; how to observe and interpret verbal and non verbal clues from your clients.

  • Client Integration Strategies: Emphasise the importance of self-responsibility for long-term change; provide a variety of take-home practices and assign effective integration work from case studies.

  • Comprehensive Client Engagement: Perfect your approach to welcoming clients physically and energetically; refine methods of questioning, selecting remedies and integration; engage in partner practice for comprehensive learning and conduct follow up sessions.

Ian and Dr Niikee have decades of clinical experience and insight, and you will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from them in real time and ask any questions during your live classes. With an interactive format, you will also have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others in this small group container. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure maximum benefit for all those in attendance.

If you are interested, we advise booking as soon as possible to avoid missing out. This unique program is going to sell out fast!

About Your Teacher

Ian White

  • Ian White, a fifth-generation Australian herbalist and founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences, draws inspiration from his family's herbalist legacy dating back to the Gold Rush era. Growing up assisting his grandmother in creating herbal remedies from native plants, Ian developed a deep connection with the Australian bush. Today, he specialises in exploring the emotional and spiritual aspects of our native flora, sharing his extensive knowledge through five major books and workshops across 30 countries.

Dr. Niikee Schoendorfer

  • Formally trained as a naturopathic, nutritional medicine clinician, research scientist and university academic, Dr Nikee now works almost exclusively with energetics and how this underpins all dis-ease. She has been passionately incorporating Australian Bush Flower Essences into her practice since 1998 and teaching Bush Essence workshops around Australia since 2011. Her light-hearted nature and enthusiasm shine through in her workshops, creating an engaging learning experience.

The Practitioner Mentoring Program will run every Monday night via Live Streaming from August 12th to September 30th, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM AEST.


The prerequisite for this program is either the Level 1 Face to Face Workshop or Online Workshop. There is still time to complete the Level 1 Online Workshop, should you wish to enrol in this workshop.

Enhance Your Healing Practice

Join our 8-week Practitioner Mentoring Program with Ian White and Dr. Niikee Schoendorfer to unlock new depths of your practical skills.

Practitioner Mentoring Program Practitioner Mentoring Program

The benefits

An immersive journey of holistic healing

Practitioner Mentoring Program Practitioner Mentoring Program

Start your journey into learning about the benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world at any time with Ian White, Founder, CEO & 5th Generation Australian Herbalist. 

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Practitioner Mentoring Program Practitioner Mentoring Program