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Ian's June 2022 Newsletter

June 14, 2022
Affirmations are very useful tools for further empowering the actions of the Bush Essences. 
Ian's June 2022 Newsletter

Affirmations are very useful tools for further empowering the actions of the Bush Essences. An affirmation is a positive statement which help to program the subconscious mind for specific goals or intentions.In both my first and second books, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bush Flower Healing, I have included affirmations that can be used with each of the Essences.

Affirmations can be written, spoken, sung or listened to and are very easy to use. I havefound writing affirmations to be the most effective method, for then you can do two things at once—you can say the affirmations while writing them.

Though they can be used at any time, I recommend using affirmations at the same time when you are taking your Bush Essence remedy. They definitely work best when you are totally focused on them, rather than merely mindlessly repeating them. I've included affirmations below for the most recent Bush Essences that were developed after my second book came out. Also added are affirmations for the White Light Essences.

It is quite easy to create your own affirmations or to modify the ones I have provided. If doing this, I would suggest phrasing them so that the statements are in the present (“I am now ...”), or so that they have a sense of “becoming” (“I am now becoming ...”). For example, simply writing “I am a loving person” will most likely bring up a lot of resistance in the subconscious mind and will be easily rejected. However, the affirmation “I am now becoming a loving person” will be accepted far more readily by the psyche, which will make the affirmation more powerful.

If creating your own affirmations, refer to yourself not only in the first person, but also in second and third. “I, Ian, am now beginning to love and accept myself” is an example of using the first person in an affirmation. I would write this out ten to twenty times, and after each affirmation I would write my response to it. For example, “If no one else does, why should I.” What the response represents is the negative pattern or belief that is held in your subconscious – the very thing you are wanting to change. As you use affirmations, old beliefs from the subconscious are revealed, and by writing them out you are helping to eliminate them.

After writing in the first person, change the affirmation to the second person: “You, Ian, are now beginning to love and accept yourself.”  Putting the affirmation in the second person will help to clear negative beliefs that have come about from others speaking to you directly. For example, being told, “No one loves you”. This can lead to the belief, “I am unlovable”.

After writing these ten or twenty times, go to the third person: “He, Ian, is now beginning ...” This will cover those beliefs that have arisen from overhearing someone talking about you. Your response to affirmations can give you valuable insights into your unconscious beliefs. You are likely to find that the intensity of their negativity decreases as you write out your affirmations and responses. Sometimes you may get to the point where you basically have no response at all. But remember, when writing out affirmations do concentrate on them.

Don’t feel that you must use the affirmations I have provided. If an affirmation doesn’t feel totally right, then change its wording. You can tell when you find the version that feels right for you.

There are many other ways in which affirmations can be used. They can be listened to on a media player, they can be said while looking in the mirror, or they can be read aloud from your affirmations that are written out and placed on the fridge or bathroom door. Take a dose of Turkey Bush, be creative and discover other ways of using them.


Autumn Leaves
I now release and let go.
I'm now open and able to receive spiritual guidance
and communication.

Christmas Bell
I'm now open to receiving.
I now easily manifest all my needs and desires

Green Essence
My body is now clean and pure.
I am in harmony and balance with all cells in my being.

At the moment of my passing, I go into the Light and
am embraced by Spirit. My passing over is serene, smooth,
easy and peaceful.

Monga Waratah
I'm now strong, competent and independent.
I now have the will and inner strength to give up all addictions
and dependencies.

Pink Flannel Flower
I have gratitude for everything that happens in my life.
I appreciate and take delight in all aspects of my life.

Sydney Rose
There is no separation, we are all one.
I now experience deep compassion, tolerance and love for others.


Water Essence
I now choose to experience emotional harmony and wellbeing.
I choose to release my emotional wounds gently and safely.
I feel completely nurtured and surrounded by Spirit’s Love.
I am filled with inner peace and stillness.
I am safe, and all is well.
I now choose to nurture myself.
I am now able to cope with all of life’s situations.

Earth Essence
I am centred and grounded.
I am patient and calm.
My connection to the Earth is becoming stronger each day.
My love, respect and reverence for nature is growing daily.
I am now moving forwards with strength, clarity and purpose.
I now have structure and order in my life.
I now choose only mutually fulfilling relationships.

Fire Essence
I am gently releasing all impurities from my being.
I am filled with the passion, inspiration, and the motivation to fulfil my destiny.
I am filled with a passion for life.
I now have a fiery sense of purpose and direction.
I am inspired by everything around me.

Air Essence
My life is light, easy and carefree.
I now flow with the rhythms of life.
My intellect and emotions are completely balanced and harmonised.
My powers of discernment and discrimination are improving daily.
I now see the “bigger picture” in all situations.
I am now able to deal with all situations calmly and effectively.
I surrender all my problems to God.
My mind and heart are filled with peace and harmony.

Higher Self Essence
The wisdom of my Higher Self fills my being.
I am now strongly connected to my inner source of wisdom and knowledge.
I now have access to my past life gifts, talents and knowledge.

Devic Essence
I am strongly connected to the Earth and Devic Kingdoms.
I now choose to hear the messages of the plant and animal kingdoms.
The Earth is my Mother and the Nature Spirits my brothers and sisters.
I now have a deep and fulfilling relationship with the Earth and all her children.
I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.
My Life Mission is becoming clearer and clearer each day.

Angelic Essence
My spiritual awareness is growing daily.
I am now choosing to unite Heaven and Earth within me.
Spirit dwells within me.
The Angels love and protect me always.
I choose to fully embrace the Light and raise my awareness.
I am open to receiving Angelic inspiration and guidance.
I choose to transcend the illusions of the physical plane.

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